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The fall is almost here and once again, it’s time for the “Born to be wild” attitude. Ripped jeans, biker boots and leather jackets are some of the timeless pieces of this rough style which is slowly all over the streets and fashion magazines. The trend has become many different names in the last few years like “rock-chic”, “biker-style”, “edgy rock” and the list goes on.  In other words, even though this trend seems to be changing the name every year, it is still the same old one.

Having said this, the 3 of us remain true to this trend every season again. This is why we were more than excited about this rock-chic style collaboration with Tamaris. It´s finally time to show you how to combine the legendary biker boots in three different ways. So keep reading guys, because today, there is also a outfit-video for you at the end! Make sure to keep reading. ♡



Since biker boots are the key piece of the rock-chic style, they are also the heart of our outfits. In our opinion, biker boots can practically be named as the very basics of every shoe cabinet.

From ankle boots to knee-high styles – the biker boots are back again. This time, in various colors and versions. Details like studs, opulent buckles, chunky cuban heels and profiled soles play an important role in the new Tamaris collection. From classical black leather boots with zipper to the eye-catching pairs with cuban heels and buckles – there is something for every taste in this season. Today, we are happy to show you our favorite boots and the ways we style them.

Biker Boots by The CosmopolitasRock Chic Trend und Biker Boots der SaisonThe Cosmopolitas: Kaja, Sara & Timo

Kaja’s Look: classical biker-boots combined with a leather jacket, T-shirt and ripped jeans

Rock Chic mit biker-Boots by Kaja

The times when the biker boots were worn only by rough bikers are already gone. The legendary edgy biker look is no longer seen as a part of  that „unkempt“ look. Nowadays the biker boots count to the major trends and they can be worn in many different ways. Speaking of this, the biker boots have long been a part of the high fashion world.

When it comes to my personal style, I could not imagine a fall without at least one pair of these legendary boots. Classic black or with straps and buckles – I love them all! But how could we not love them? They are comfortable, stylish, matching to every  weather and can be combined in a wide variety of ways. I think, I don’t need to tell you more reasons why we should love these boots.

When you would ask me, how I would create my perfekt casual look, I would always have the same answer: tight, ripped pants, a T-shirt, a leather jacket and biker boots.
Therefore, I knew right away how I would style these super cool biker boots from Tamaris. I just remained true to my favorite pieces I feel most comfortable wearing. To complete the whole look I combined my round sunnies and a bag which has just the right size for me when I’m on the way. How do you like my look?

Biker Boots DetailsSkinny Jeans and Biker BootsBiker Look by Kaja

Rock-Chic by Timo: biker-sneaker, a leather jacket and a lace-dress Rock Chic Trend by Timo from The Cosmopolitas

Nowadays, wearing a rock-and-roll style means mashing up different materials like lace, knit-wear and cotton or denim. This is why my look is all about the right balance between differet materials and styles. I quite like the edgy lace-leather-combo. As boring as a black dress sometimes is, it’s one of those wear-forever pieces that remain a constant in your wardrobe, despite the fact that fashion trens are constantly changing. These oldies-but-goodies are simply prefect fot those lazy days when a little black dress will do the magic. I bought this one a few months ago for no money and I love wearing it.

I my opinion, a good thing about simple outfits like this one is the fact that you actually get the chance to show off your killer footwear. I´m definitely more than obsessed with these sneakers in biker-look from Tamaris. The rise is perfect for skirt-, dress- and even jeans-combos. Me likey! What do you think?

Rock Chic Details www.thecosmopolitas.comSneaker im Biker Look www.thecosmopolitas.comBiker Look by The Cosmopolitas
Details Fishnet Tights and Biker Boots

Rock-Chic by Sara: mom-jeans, a denim jacket and a basic shirtDenim and Biker Boots The Cosmopolitas

When it comes to my outfits, shoes are definitely always the ones that make the real difference and give every look an extra pinch of coolness. I never feel sorry about spending a bit more money for a good pair, especially if Im sure ill be wearing it a few seasons at least.

My shoe-cabinet is filled with very different shoes, but the ones I’ve been missing are definitely heel-biker-boots I can combine in a cool, but also a elegant way. Now Im more than ready for the fall season.🙌🏻

I really like high-heel shoes, but I always refuse to wear them if I have to walk long distances. However, I learned its all about the model and the height of the heels as well. This pair is definitely made for walking, as the block heels actually support the feet and they are more than footbed is extremely soft and comfortable.
Biker Boots Fall Winter The Cosmopolitas
3 Ways to Stye Biker Boots The Cosmopolitas

As you can see, my outfit is more of a cool-girl-style, because I was in the mood of creating an edgy street style look. Ive combined a basic black shirt with my favorite mom jeans with a perfect length to show my cool booties. Since the weather in Vienna is already a bit cold, I decided to wear my oversized denim jacket to keep me warm. I rounded up the whole look with my round sunnies, a colorful bandanda and a black bag – a perfect look for a shopping tour with my girls.
Rock Chic Style FW17Biker Stieffeln kombinieren The Comsopolitas

How do you guys like combining biker-boots? And how do you like our pictures made by our lovely Patrick Sabo

In a friendly collaboration with Tamaris

The Cosmopolitas www.thecosmopolitas.com

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  • Abi
    September 3, 2017

    I love all the outfits❤️, looking fabulous and stunning …..!!!
    Hugs 🤗🤗

  • Chantal
    September 4, 2017

    You girls are rocking those boots! Love every single look of you 3! Xx

  • Francesca Rizzi
    September 18, 2017

    Beautiful! Where can I find the sneaker of “Timo’s look”?

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