5 outfit ideas for chic business looks

5 Outfitsideen für das Büro

*Pictures by Erick Knight

In 2019, there is no need to wear boring and monotone business clothes in the office. In this article, we have put together our favorite outfit ideas for chic business looks to show you how to dress for business and still make an interesting and stylish appearance. If you are at the same time asking yourself “What trends to look for this spring”, make sure to check out this blog post. 

For business looks, we love pantsuits

The majority of women avoid pantsuits for many different reasons: boring, too stiff, too corporate, too conservative and the list goes on. However, the truth is, you can add these attributes to any piece of clothing if you style them in a boring, stiff, corporate and conservative way. Pantsuits are definitely one of those classics made for women who want to impress and appear confident. If you doubt so, just google “Hillary Clinton pantsuit” and you’ll get the point very quickly.

LOOK NUMBER 1*: Color-blocking game

Color Blocking Pantsuit

Red pantsuit with a yellow logo-shirt and turquoise belt-bag sounds like an impossible combination? It’s not! It doesnt only look incredibly chic as a business look but signalizes a strong willpower to make an appearance which is different, never boring and not stiff at all.

LOOK NUMBER 2: Yellow pantsuit with a belt-bag to break the conservativeness

How to style yellow color?

When styling pantsuits, the safest way to avoid looking boring and old-fashioned are interesting details. With this look for example, we went for an elegant black belt-bag, which is subtle compared to the bright yellow pantsuit. However, it accentuates the waist line and breaks the color monotony.

LOOK NUMBER 3*: Glitter and Flower-Power

Business Looks for strong women

There is this old cliché about glitter. We are supposed to only wear it on some special evening occasions. Otherwise, we would be overdressed. Such a big lie (read more about it here). Glitter is more than allowed in our daily looks as well and it can make a serious statement. Ever thought about a combo with some floral prints and colorful sock boots?

LOOK NUMBER 4: No more ugly cargo pants 

Cargohose richtig kombinieren elegant oder lässig

We are aware of the fact that cargo pants don’t have the reputation as beautiful clothes. The fact is real that definitely no one imagined wearing cargo pants in some stylish ways we are seeing all around us at the moment. However, the industry came up with some really nice styles and we think they are just a perfect alternative to skinny jeans or some elegant trousers. And definitely more comfortable. 

LOOK NUMBER 5: Sneakers work for business looks as well

How to style corduroy?

Sneakers were banned and held far away from offices, business meetings and any other “conservative” environments.  We don’t need to accentuate how happy we are the times have changed. We absolutely love wearing mom-jeans, blazers and sneakers in the office. 


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