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Kimono – a garment with a beautiful Asian history has been a popular piece of clothing in the fashion world for a very long period.  This season traditional Japanese dress is now available in different lengths and fabrics. Kimono is such a fun and unique piece of clothing and therefore simply perfect for completing an everyday look just in a few minutes.


The historic and traditional kimono comes from Japan and has a long list of different traditions and styling possibilities. The kimono – directly translated as ‘a thing to wear’ – is traditionally worn on festive and social occasions in Japan.

Wie kann man den Kimono tragen?

As already mentioned, it’s not a completely new trend; kimonos have actually been knocking around for some time now. We style the kimono not in a traditional Japanese, but in many different ways and wear it on various occasions.

Kimono-Look, Tipps?Stylings Regeln für den Kimono Wie stylt man einen Kimono?

When it comes to kimono styling, there are a few basic rules we should keep in mind. In my opinion, rules in the fashion industry shouldn’t really exist. However, there are few garments that can be tricky to style and it makes our lives easier to stick to some basic rules to avoid looking like a clown.

Today, I want to show you how I like to wear my kimono and give you 5 dos & don’ts you should keep in mind when styling this versatile piece of clothing.

So, let’s get started:

1.Color & Pattern Mix

Kimonos in pale pink or pale blue look lovely, but they could appear like a dressing gown. To avoid this, you should consider interesting prints and bright colors   make sure you feel comfortable wearing it.

I decided to go for a loud color and a flower print. In order to complete this look, I combined some darker clothes with my bright kimono in order to make it to a key piece of the whole look.

Wie trägt man den Kimono im Alltag?  

2. The Length

This season kimonos come in different lengths and shapes –  from short, long, to super-long – the choice is yours! When it comes to styling, the length plays a major role. Your body type and your personal body size are key factors to consider when choosing the perfect one for you. The wrong length can make you look smaller than you actually are. My kimono has just the right length – it goes underneath my knees and makes me even look a little bit taller.


3. The Fabrics

When it comes to the fabrics, there are few things you should consider: A kimono out of thin, often shiny and silky fabrics like polyester can look very cheap. Therefore, you should go for alternatives like silk, cotton or velvet.
My kimono is not an expensive designer piece. It´s from H&M and it wasn´t expensive at all. 

Kimono-Styling, wie? Wie kombiniert man den Kimono?

4. The Shape

The classic kimono comes in a t-shaped style, often with a belt and in colorful shades, as well as prints. The belt can be used to emphasize the waist or the hips. If a belt doesn’t come with you kimono, you can replace it with a long thin belt to close it. For this look, I decided to replace the original belt with a long web-belt for a chic look.

5. How to wear it

Kimonos are incredibly easy to style and can be worn over almost any other garment. If you choose to play safe, you can wear a kimono with a pair of jeans and a basic top. A great kimono can dress up every simple outfit in a special and stylish way. Moreover, a kimono doesn’t look great with slim clothes only, but also with wide trousers.

And that’s the look I wanted to show you today. This kind of trousers give the impression of a longer leg, plus they emphasize the petite silhouette. And this is in any case a win-win combo for smaller women.

Kimono-Look für jede Gelegenheit

How do you like my look lovelies? How would you style your kimono?



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3 Responses
  • Chantal
    February 21, 2018

    Den Kimono hast du mega toll gestylt, vorallem mit dem Gürtel! Love it!


  • Barbara
    March 3, 2018

    Love it! Ich finde das Styling richtig cool gemacht, Kaja! Ich finde auch, dass man (wie immer) darauf achten sollte, wie sich das gute Stück am eigenen Körper macht, als blind nur auf Trends zu achten. ABER ich muss auch gleichzeitig eine Lanze brechen für kleine, zierliche Frauen die glauben, dass Maxikleider und längere Oberteile immer stauchen, uns noch kleiner aussehen lassen und unter keinen Umständen gut aussehen kann. Ich finde, es kommt immer darauf an, wie man es trägt 🙂
    Alles Liebe und habt ein wunderbares Wochenende, ihr Drei!
    Barbara von frombetozed

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