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After quite a long time (5 years more precisely) I was finally back to my beloved Berlin. This time, however, it was not a romantic trip with my husband, but rather an adventurous one with Bombay Sapphire, the sublime premium-gin. I was extremely happy to be one of the few Austrian bloggers to attend the event. I was even more happy and excited when I got to know what kind of event it was going to be – a virtual round-the-world journey of the senses under the name “The Grand Journey”; A journey that was going to take me from Marocco via Java to China with many stopovers. The Grand Journey is an international creative project that takes place in 6 European cities where the 10 botanicals, that means the flavors which are comprised in the gin, are being illustrated.Bombay Sapphire The Grand Journey

The event took place in a large hall on the West Port. Me and my dear Márcia from The Ladies went to the event together after we had a little photo shooting in the city. Upon our arrival, we saw a ticket counter where we got our tickets for our train journey. Everything was so perfectly staged with a breathtaking setting and actors that I felt like I was taken to the 1920’s. There was even a train set up in the hall and it looked like I was on a very old rail station. This was definitely one of the most impressive events I’ve ever been to.

Bombay Sapphire The Grand Journey

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As the journey started, we were seated in the train. There were videos projected on the walls that gave the impression we were really driving. On each stop we got drinks and dishes that matched the respective country. The menu consisted of a vegan variation of exceptional creations – from vegan sausages, to almond churros, fried lemon leaves and lemon mousse that changed the color when sprinkled with lemon juice. The fried lemon leaves were one of the yummiest things I’ve ever eaten in my life.

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The whole event was so fascinating and impressive that I’ve been recapping it for days.

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