Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I’m growing older. With every day and every second that passes by. Maybe it’s something I simply started noticing in the last few months, but I’ve got the feeling that I’m constantly being questioned about my current age. As far as I can remember, no one used to care about my age just a few years ago and I’m seriously starting to ask myself: What in this world has actually changed? Is it THAT visible, or…is it because I’m simply surrounded by too many people that are stressed about their age and about growing older. Should I feel bad about the fact that I’m growing older? And, who has come up with this “idea” that asking a woman about her age is inappropriate? Honestly, that’s one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard.


I’m actually annoyed when I hear that “statement”, because I simply can’t understand why a woman shouldn’t be asked about her age. The fact is, I love being/growing older. I love this feeling of wholeness that’s deepening with every new year. I have been alive for 25 years and something I love the most about growing older is the life experience. I really don’t get the point of being worried about it. Why has the “age topic” become such a cultural taboo anyway? What it means to be “young” or “old” is actually socially constructed. While eastern cultures tend to highly value age and wisdom, in our western cultures, we tend to highly value youth. We start worrying about aging in our early twenties. We let the age dictate our life and our decisions. We give up dreams and strive to achieve certain things before we reach our thirties. But why? Who has ever said that we need a certain degree, 3 kids and a house before the 30th birthday? Is it possible that we’ve constructed all these musts in our heads? I think we have and that is why we have to learn to stop worrying about aging and start enjoying our lives.

Age isn’t how old you are but how old you feel.
Gabriel García Márquez

The Cosmopolitas: Nicht das Alter ist das Problem, sondern unsere Einstellung dazu.

Outfit: How to Combine Peach

I know you are not used to see me wearing colors, but I fell in love with this coat when I first saw it. To be honest, I never even considered wearing peach, because it is an incredibly difficult color. I was sure it wouldn’t go with my pale skin and blonde hair, but I loved everything about this coat, so I had to give it a chance…and I had to have it. I may even become a peach-lover :-). However, considering the fact that I barely ever wear colors, I had to make sure that the rest of the outfit stays neutral. I also (finally) made it to wear my favorite slipper again and I quite like the combo with a pair of fishnet tights, my favorite pants and a turtleneck.  How do you like my look?

The Cosmopolitas: Netzstrümpfe richtig kombinieren

The Cosmopolitas: Nicht das Alter ist das Problem, sondern unsere Einstellung dazu. The Cosmopolitas: How To Wear PeachThe Cosmopolitas: Netzstrümpfe richtig kombinierenThe Cosmopolitas: Netzstrümpfe richtig kombinierenThe Cosmopolitas: Nicht das Alter ist das Problem, sondern unsere Einstellung dazu.The Cosmopolitas: Netzstrümpfe richtig kombinierenThe Cosmopolitas: Netzstrümpfe und Fellslipper



 Fatime Zahrl

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