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There’s one certain thing we can all agree on – a visit to the hairdresser is often like a gamble – you never know what you’re gonna get. That’s why the one or the other visit to the hairdresser turned quite into a drama. You just sat down and the worst thoughts are already rushing through your head; And that is the reason why the most of us stick to their hairdresser of trust for years. We wouldn´t let anyone else touch our beloved hair. The three of us also had our hairdressers in Bosnia and Serbia, whom we visited on every vacation. However, after some time it simply didn’t work anymore, because the commitments piled up and the homeward journey got less frequent – high time to find a hairdresser in Vienna.

Just at the right time, b.lounge came up to us. After a laid-back conversation and a couple of mango juices at the Asian restaurant next door, the deal was wrapped up – the three of us would do a complete hair makeover. A word and a blow.

Kaja’s Makeover

Everyone who knows me, knows also how much I love my hair. I’ve always loved to try different hair colors, but I haven’t committed my hair to anybody. As I stepped into b.lounge with a picture of the hair style I wanted to get, Patricia welcomed me and we got on well, right from the word go. She knew what I wanted and explained me every step of my hair makeover. Then we kicked things off.

First she was going to dye my hair in a balayage look – she put some lighter and some darker strands. Then she dyed my whole hair with a mixture of silver and blonde shades. At the end I’ve got a layered haircut that I was especially excited about, because I wasn’t happy with my straight haircut anymore. Even though I haven’t got an extreme transformation of my hair, the difference is clearly recognizable. The result – just like on the picture I’ve showed to Patricia. Even after a week, my hair is so smooth, healthy and beautiful. Thanks to Patricia, my hair feels so healthy again. Thank you so much!


Sara’s Makeover

I have to admit, I’m quite a chicken when it comes to my hair. The first time I dared to get a hair dye was last year…yes, last year. I’ve only let my hairdresser in Bosnia to do it for me. However, my last hair dye was half a year ago and it was high time to get my hair done. I thought about changing my hair style a bit and getting a long bob with an ash blonde balayage. However, recently I’ve got so many comments and compliments on my long hair (many people don’t believe that I’ve got no extensions). That made me think a lot about cutting my hair, and in the end I’ve decided not to do it. I just love my hair so much.

As I went to b.lounge, I showed Lucie (who is by the way the coolest hairdresser and woman on earth!!! I just love her! I love you Lucie, I love you!) what hair style I wanted to have, and she made it exactly as i showed her. EXACTLY, PEOPLE!!!! I’m so happy! Another thing that I found really great is that she used a hair color with no ammoniac and she used Olaplex, which is why my hair is incredibly smooth even after the blonde dye. I just can’t describe how happy I am! How do you like my haircut and the color?


Timo’s Makeover

b.lounge platin blonde
b.lounge platin blonde
b.lounge platin blonde
b.lounge platin blonde

I’ve fulfilled a long-awaited wish of mine – dying my hair grey. When it comes to my hair, I’ve become a chicken, because I noodled quite around with my hair in the last few years – from totally short hair to a sidecut, from black to blonde – I’ve tried everything. After some time, I abandoned the short hair and went with a medium bob and blonde highlights for almost 2 years. However, for several months now I’ve been collecting screenshots of gray hairstyles and now I’ve finally worked up the courage and committed my hair to Angelo from b.lounge. The most exciting part was that I had no idea what the color is going to look like. The only thing I knew was that Angelo had a clear conception of my new hairstyle, which was really reassuring. And the result was just perfect! In my opinion, it couldn’t have been any better. I’m sooooo happy! Thank you, Angelo!


The Salon

The first thing that caught our eye was the interior, which looks exactly like in a glossy magazine – everything is thought-out down to the last detail – from the reception area with cozy fauteuils with a bunch of reading material, via the rustic barber shop through to the massage chairs, that turns b.lounge into a real wellness lounge. The highlight – you are not getting your hair done in front of a mirror as usual, no, you get your hair done at a huge table, with no mirrors at all, where all customers sit together and chat. This creates a warm, family ambiance on one side; And on the other side it boosts the surprise effect, because you can´t see your hair style until it’s completely done.

Speaking of family ambiance… The incredibly friendly team mustn’t go unmentioned, because we haven’t just got new hairdressers, we found new amici as well


In a friendly cooperation with b.lounge

If you are keen on our hairstyles just as we are, then you can visit the incredible b.lounge team at Hegelgasse 17 and get a 20% off with the  promotion code “The Cosmopolitas”. We have truly never left a hairdresser’s so satisfied and happy. Thank you once again!

A special thanks goes to the incredibly talented Patrick from Urban Portraits Vienna for these wonderful pics. Btw. you can follow him on Instagram and on Facebook.

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