Thursday, August 24, 2017

I’ve never written a blog post about my birthdays, because I was always too lazy. However, on and before my birthdays, I’m so occupied with different thoughts considering my wishes and the fact that I’m getting older. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not concerned or anything, but my birthdays simply make me think about things like presents, happiness, people I’m surrounded with and everything I really need to be happy. ♡



Wie viel brauchen wir, um glücklich zu seinToday, I’m celebrating my 26th birthday. Even though I know so many people who stop celebrating their birthdays quite early, just “Because there is nothing to celebrate about getting old”, I love the feeling of being celebrated. 😊 I don’t and I never cared about the number, but about the fact that people I’m surrounded with think about me and are happy of having me in their lives. In my eyes, a celebration is never a special event, but rather a feeling. It’s love I get from all the ones who think of me, especially from the ones who never stop giving me the feeling of being a birthday-kiddo every single day.

Who cares about the number?

Nowadays, people are so distracted and concerned by the number that ads on their “age” every year. It’s actually quite sad, how much they miss simply because they consider themselves “too old” for this and that. I’ve led many discussions about getting older and every time, I was trying to find out why people are so scared.

Why is everyone so scared about getting older?

Almost everyone has the feeling that they can’t do so many things when they get above a certain age, but I simply don’t get it! I’ve also heard the answers like “Because I love life”, but does it make me love life less if I’m not terrified by the fact that I’m getting older? No, it doesn’t! In my opinion, it makes me enjoy every single day even more and never start even thinking I was too old for anything I could wish for. To me, the age is all about the right attitude and a positive lifestyle. What do you think?Brooklyn Bridge NYC Best Picture SpotsBrooklyn Bridge The Cosmopolitas

How much do we need to be happy?

To be honest, the only thing that changes about my birthdays are the presents. I’ve always had lots of things on my list I wished for. Even now with 26, I still have many wishes and my list is endless, but the content has drastically changed. One of the wishes is to spend every birthday  by the sea like this year. I couldn’t possibly put into words how happy I am having the chance to enjoy this day on my favorite island and to have my favorite person in this world by my side–my husband. There is nothing more I could wish for on this very special day. However, my list does consist of many other wishes as well:

  • lots of happy moments with my friends and family members,
  • lots of places I want to see in my future,
  • a possibility to see my best friend more often…and most notably…
  • lots of love I wish to never stop getting.♡


Thank you everyone for thinking of me today!  ♡Timo von The Cosmopolitas Brooklyn BridgeGeburtstagsgedanken: Wie viel brauchen wir, um glücklich zu sein The Cosmopolitas

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