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Being a blogger sounds like a perfect job so many people dream about. Even though I blog part time only, I tend to say that blogging is my full time job and my full time passion I’m so happy to be able to work on. However, we are all aware of the fact that, even though we all dream about dream jobs, there is no dream job without any draw-backs at all. Having said this, I’m not trying to deny I do something I’ve always wished for, but I’m simply being honest, because in the end…

Even a dream job is a job and it means to constantly work on something to achieve something.


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In my opinion, one thing that makes blogging special is the fact that I do it with passion and NOT ONLY for the money I’m able to make with it. Why am I accentuating the word ONLY? Well, I’ve got the feeling that so many bloggers try to communicate it’s all about passion ONLY and the money doesn’t play any role in their “dream job”. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but I simply can’t understand how we are supposed to get our work appreciated and valued as a “normal job”, if we constantly contradict ourselves by saying “It’s passion only”?

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Thinking back, I’ve always wished I could have a job which would allow me to travel a lot and always meet new people. Through blogging, I’ve got a chance to, not only meet loads of wonderful, smart and interesting people, but also to travel a lot. Additionally, blogging has made me constantly work on improving my skills and has helped me to broaden my mind in many ways. However, I have to admit I’m quite annoyed by the message which is being spread by so many colleagues who claim that blogging is their passion ONLY and if it wasnt that way, they wouldn’t do it at all. I don’t deny the fact that is sounds tremendously cool to be able to say “I’m passionate about what I do”, but in my opinion, there is a huge difference between that statement and one of those I’m so annoyed by like:

  • “Blogging is my passion only” or
  • “Blogging is not a job, I simply do it because I love it”.

What do you guys think? Did you get the idea that some bloggers are spreading a wrong message when it comes to blogging as a “real job”? Would you say it is a job? I really look forward to discussing this topic with you <3

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jeans: ZARA // shirt:BERSHKA // coat: BERSHKA // velvet boots: DEICHMANN // bag: DIESEL

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