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Timo´s Summer Wish List

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

by Timo

Do you pack away clothes when the seasons change? I do, because I have to 😀 I live in a really tiny apartment and I´m more or less forced to do the same work every year! And, guess what: I FINALLY made it to store all my winter clothes away and now my closet is ready for some new summer pieces. Check out my current summer wish list.

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Where to Find Outfit Inspiration

Sunday, April 10, 2016

by Sara

You know these days when you just have no clue what to wear? You take a look into your closet and you have the feeling that you have nothing to wear, even though the closet is jam-packed. Been there, done that! Now however, I always have some outfit ideas on hand, so that this never happens again. Here are my favorite websites, blogs and Instagram accounts where I get inspiration for my outfits.

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Favourite Fashion Trends for SS/SS16

Thursday, February 18, 2016

by Kaja


Hey guys! Are you also counting the days till spring? To be honest, I would like to get rid of coats, show my legs and get rid of all the layers of wool. Anyway it will take a time till we get real spring weather. Sara already showed you some of the trends for the S/S16 season, today I want to show you three of my favourite trends and things that I personaly want to have.


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