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Ripped Denim Midi Skirt + First Fake Tan Impressions

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hey guys!

Seems like Summer is almost over (at least here in Vienna). I really hope that some hotter days will come, since I’m just still not into wearing my fall clothes . Here is one outfit that was I shot probably on the last day it was possible to wear a crop top. I bought this skirt a couple of months ago at Forever 21. I found it soo cool since it has a special skater-ish touch. Don’t you think? That’s why I combined it with my beloved crop top from Zara and Puma suede sneakies to add more of a skaterish style to it. One of my favorite accessories this Summer is this cap from H&M which is really great, especially for me, who gets sunburned the minute I go out. That is also one reason why I’m never sunbathing. The other reason is that in my family there is a high risk of getting skin cancer . However, that is no reason for me to be snow-white the whole Summer.

b. lounge Hair Makeover

Thursday, July 28, 2016

There’s one certain thing we can all agree on – a visit to the hairdresser is often like a gamble – you never know what you’re gonna get. That’s why the one or the other visit to the hairdresser turned quite into a drama. You just sat down and the worst thoughts are already rushing through your head; And that is the reason why the most of us stick to their hairdresser of trust for years. We wouldn´t let anyone else touch our beloved hair. The three of us also had our hairdressers in Bosnia and Serbia, whom we visited on every vacation. However, after some time it simply didn’t work anymore, because the commitments piled up and the homeward journey got less frequent – high time to find a hairdresser in Vienna.