Let’s Do It Together: Changing Our Lifestyles

Sunday, May 22, 2016


by Timo & Sara

What is your first thought when you see a skinny person? Let us guess… You probably think that the person is spending day and night at the gym and counts every calory. Well, truth is, fitness has absolutely nothing to do with bodyweight, and we are your best proof for that.

A couple of days ago we wanted to try one of the famous workouts by David Kirsch, who is known as THE personal trainer for models. His workouts are supposedly super hard and push you to the limit, but we didn’t believe that. Like, what kind of person cannot survive a 30-minute-workout? Well, you would be surprised that the first ones who gave up were the two of us… After 15 minutes. And that was the moment when we realized that a 50-year-old lady has better endurance and stamina than us – us, who are known to be the “fittest” girls in the qlique – us, who go to the gym regularly and wear size 0.

Well, seems like training your glutes does make a good shape, but doesn’t bring you in shape.

DSC09420-19 DSC09421-20

DSC09396-12 DSC09416-18

That’s the reason why we are sitting here now, trying to figure out a plan how to:

  1. Workout every second day
  2. Build up our nonexistent cardio endurance
  3. Bring the whole body in shape
  4. Get rid of cellulite (yes, skinny persons have them too!)
  5. Cut sugar intake (eating a cake at a birthday party is OK…and two or three cheat days per month)
  6. Cook and eat healthier

At this point, we want to emphasise that this is not only a plan for the month or so and it is not a body challenge, but rather a new style of life. The first step to achieving these goals is making a new category on our blog, which is going to help us not to lose our motivation and our goals out of sight. From now on, we’ll try to keep you up to date. The next step is sticking to our plan together, because

everything is easier when there is someone to kick your butt when you`re about to give up.


This was the last ice cream for this month!


Mine too!

DSC09374-6 DSC09389-9

Stay tuned for the updates, advice, recipes, workouts and some seriously hot pics .



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