Colorful Smoothie Jars

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

 by Timo & Sara

I love to cook and I adore eating. As my favorite meal is breakfast, I have always wanted to try to make those famous pinteresty smoothie jars and that is why Sara and I decided to make our first food post for you guys. We were even more looking forward to our “cooking” after we got our new Braun JB 3060 blender who made it possible to make these yummy jars. We made sure to get enough inspiration clicking through all the Pinterest boards we could find. The only thing to do was to decide on the ingredients and to hope it´s gonna be yummy.Smoothie Jar

The “cooking” was so much fun and we were astonished how much mess we made by trying to make our perfect jars, but it was worth it, because they looked and tasted amazing. And in the end, we had to admit that food photography and food posts acquire much more time than our usual outfit shootings/posts. Dear food bloggers: we really admire your patience for food photography! After we got our perfect pics, we could finally enjoy our jars and we loved the combination of the different layers. But, what do you think? Would you eat our jars? Have you ever tried to make smoothie jars or bowls by yourself?Smoothie JarSmoothie Jar

Ingredients for 2 jars

-1 can coconut milk

-1 cup of frozen pineapple chunks

-1 cup of frozen strawberries

-a handful of fresh strawberries

-1 big banana

-1 cup of frozen peaches

-½ cup blueberries

-coconut flakes

-amaranth or quinoa pops


For the incredibly yummy jars you only need a strong blender (we used this one from Braun) and your favorite ingredients. We did a few different mixtures to get nice and colorful layers, but it´s up to you to decide on the number of layers. You can always top your jar with different extras like nuts, coconut flakes, berries etc.

Firstly, mix the blueberries with a bit of coconut milk and pour the mixture into the jars. Put in the freezer and prepare the next layer in the meantime. For that, mix the frozen peaches and coconut milk together and the next layer is done. Pour over the first layer and place in the freezer again. In the meantime, wash the strawberries and cut them into thin slices. Also prepare the amaranth pops. When done, mix the last layer together using pineapple chunks, coconut milk, 1-2 peaches and one banana. Take the jars out of the freezer and put some amaranth pops over the second layer and some sliced strawberries around the inner side of the jar. Slowly pour the last layer over and decorate with some fresh strawberries and coconut flakes. Enjoy!

We would be happy to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave some comments and to try the recipe out of course.

XOXO Timo & Sara

*In a friendly cooperation with BRAUN

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