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We’ve all heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine” but did you know that optimistic people tend to age slower, enjoy better health and live longer than their pessimistic counterparts? I’m not an expert, but after reading articles on how laughter has a positive impact on our health and our wellbeing, I started laughing even more.

Why I enjoy laughing

I’ve always been a person who loved to laugh and spread positive energy around. Once I read a quote saying that we should all try to be a person people want to be around and I thought about all the ones I enjoyed being around and guess what…the first ones who came into my mind were those ones who make me laugh. However, even though I always used to laugh a lot, I decided to start laughing even more, because I really enjoy being the person that people like being around. When we lighten up we feel more positive and optimistic, more hopeful and engaged. We´re friendlier, more resourceful and more attractive.

Why YOU should start laughing more

We could call laughter a soul food, because that´s exactly what it is. It’s the best soul food you can get in a day, so why not try and laugh more!? Best of all, it’s fun, free, and easy to use! Not only is laughter therapeutic for the soul, it is also helpful in building rapport with others, strengthening relationships, and it´s helpful in bringing down our own personal stress levels. When we laugh and make other people laugh, we bring down the walls of defensiveness and when we happen to find ourselves in some unknown circles, we are more likely to be approached by other people if we “radiate” positive energy. Remember:

Be a person people want to be around!

How about you? Have you ever tried to count how often you laugh in a day? Do you agree with Charlie Chaplin’s quote: “A Day Without a Laughter Is a Day Wasted”? Feel free to leave a comment  🙂



The Cosmopolitas
The Cosmopolitas

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