Friday, September 15, 2017

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Humans have always been keen to reach perfection in every way imaginable. Due to this and especially the fact that the media has changed our behavior and self-perception transforming us into real fanatics, Diesel has launched the new campaign “Go With the Flaw” to celebrate imperfection and uniqueness. Diesel as a brand never seemed to be keen on going the usual path in the fashion industry, but rather following and sticking to its mission:

To create an apparel line perfect for individual people who follow their own unique path in life and for those style-makers who express their individuality by the way they dress.

With the Flaw” campaign also embodies the spirit of the Diesel brand, which over the decades has always promoted an unconventional, frisky approach to life. For example in 2010, the


With the campaign “Go With the Flaw”, Diesel is following its goal to raise awareness for the importance of not only dressing, but being and living in its own and unique way. The campaign speaks for more individuality, less perfection on Instagram and more of #gowiththeflaw attitude. According to Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, imperfection makes us stand out as unique individuals. The campaign teaches us that perfection is boring and invites everyone to go with its own with remakes, with being reckless, being lazy, being nosy and even forgetful. To go with every characteristic that makes us feel and be human.

Even though humans are programmed to seek for more and want more, the more-perfection-striving-attitude isn´t going to make our world a better place. Even worse, it’s not going to let us keep our own individuality. We keep striving for more perfection by posting perfect photos and presenting our perfect life on our social media, but we all reach the point of exhaustion at some point…Because we are not flawless and life is never perfect. However, that’s exactly what makes it worth living. We are all ordinary people who should feel great about ourselves and try to create our own unique style – our own lifestyle.Diesel Kampagne #gowiththeflow www.thecosmopolitas.comFLAWLESS CAMPAIGN DIESELCare less never stress Diesel Campaign


Find a little bravery to wear your flaws with pride, take a front seat and enjoy the ride.

Go with the flaw Diesel Campaign

Fatime Zahrl www.thecosmopolitas.com

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