Trend: Logo sweater

Levis Jeans, Edited Coat, Calvin Klein Logo Sweater


Are logo sweaters and tees back? Vogue claims they are and the trend seems to have a perfectly matching name – Logomania. We can probably all still remember the 90ties and how everyone went nuts for sweaters with their favorite brand names on it. Even though I´ve never really owned one, I can remember the perfect gray sweater my sister had and I wished she wouldn´t wear it all the time so I could inherit it one day. Unfortunately, the day never came and I had to wait until this very day to get one. However, I´ve made it to find my perfect gray Calvin Klein logo sweater via And I am sooo in love! It matches perfectly with my oversized coat from EDITED.

Logomania Trend by The Cosmopolitas

TREND: Logo Sweater

Mom Jeans, Oversized Coat, Fishnet Tights
Komono Rose Gold Watch by The Cosmopolitas

If there is a brand you want to shout about, logo tees and sweatshirts are the perfect way for making a statement. What used to be our hoodie just for hanging out at home or heading out for a jog is now THE street style trend every fashionista is going crazy about. I couldn´t have imagined that the logo trend would ever come back again, but here it is. I guess all trends come and go again. Visible logo sweaters are now even a viable work, date or brunch outfit option. Once again, old trends tend to repeat themselves. But, what´s the real reason for all the fashion comebacks? I assume that the designers look to the past and see what worked, and what didn’t. They update old trends and add some tiny twists to make us think they have reinvented the wheel. But, isn´t it nearly impossible to think of something that has absolutely never been done before in any shape or form? It´s completely normal for designers to look for inspiration and looking at the past is probably the easiest way.

HOW TO WEAR: Logo Sweaters

Mom Jeans, Logo Sweater, Oversize Coat
Calvin Klein Logo Sweater by The Cosmopolitas
Calvin Klein Logo Sweater Grau

With logo sweaters and the right combo, you get to be both – comfortable and sexy. The classic combo with a pair of jeans looks great when you half tuck your hoodie into it. Top off the look with other wardrobe favorites like a fun bag or a pair of fancy shoes.  Also, a classic sporty hoodie is always going to work with your go-to jeans and your favourite sneakers. Simply put your favorite lipstick on and you’re good to go.

How do you like my combo? What do you think about this fashion comeback? ♡




Fishnet Tights, Mom Jeans, Oversized Coat, Calvin Klein Logo Sweater
Black Oversized Edited Coat
Calvin Klein Sweater Gray
Fishnet tights combined with Mom Jeans
Fashion Blogger wearing fishnet tights, mom jeans, logo sweater and mom jeans
Calvin Klein Sweater Gray

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