Sunday, April 30, 2017

I still cannot believe, April is actually over and that it’s time for another recap. Gosh, how time flies! It happened so much  – we’ve celebrated our 3rd birthday, my new apartment finally got refurbished and from now on you can shop our clothes online!!! Wanna know all the details? Then keep reading :).



Personal Stuff

Moving, moving, moving

This month we’ve finally got the keys to our new apartment and that’s when the real work started. I had no idea it was so much to do. Our initial plan only to paint the walls and move in degenerated into a complete restoration :D. I still have no pictures, because it was a complete mess, but as soon as I move in, I’ll share more stuff with you :). There’s one thing I can tell you for sure, guys – moving is suicide!

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I hate it! Because of this, my whole month looked like this: wake up – go to work – go home, tidy and pack. I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed going for a coffee after work. You know, the little things that make your day :).


This month a series came out on Netflix everyone seemes to be obsessed with and so am I (can’t help it :D)  – yes you got it right – “13 Reasons Why”

Guys, if you haven’t watched it yet, then do it now!!!! If you have seen it, tell me how you liked it :).


For the second time now… “The Shack” by William P. Young. As I saw last month that the movie was coming out, I totally freaked out because this is one of my favorite books ever!!!!! I gotta watch the movie, but before this, I had to read the book once again since it’s been a few years now since I first read it. Next week I’m going to the  cinema to watch the movie and I’m super excited!!!

3rd Birthday

Vienna Guesthouse

I still remember like it was yesterday. 3 years ago we met at Starbucks to study, but you know how this works – you end up doing everything except for studying. That particular day we ended up launching a blog even though we’d never before had the idea of starting a blog. I still have no idea how and why we came to this :D. Now guys if someone had told me 3 years ago that we would achieve so much through our blog, I would tell you were crazy. Now our blog has become something we couldn’t imagine our lifes without anymore. And this guys is all thanks to you :). I’ve said it like 1000 times, but once again I just have to thank you for your love and support!!!!

Songs of the Month

And these are the songs I repeated over and over again this month 🙂

Plans for May

There’s a particular topic I want to write about in a separate blog post – it’s about tidying out my wardrobe and why I have decided to get rid of most of my stuff. Moving to another apartment is a perfect opportunity to declutter not only my wardrobe, but my whole life :). I’ve sorted out 4 huge boxes of clothes and Kaja and Timo also decided to hop on the train and get rid of some stuff; And the result is us deciding to sell our clothes, shoes and accessories online. Here you can find some of our stuff, but in May there’s so much more to come since I still haven’t uploaded any of my clothes. Make sure to stay tuned because there is going to be much, much stuff!!!!

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