Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hey guys!!! February was a month full of ups (an no downs, thank God for that!!!). This month again I realized how blessed I am for having the opportunity to live a life I always dreamed of, because a couple of years ago, when I was still living in Bosnia, all the things I have now, had been only wishes and dreams; But I never gave up on them and I knew that one day, if I keep working and don’t lose sight of them, they will become true. And they did; But more about my personal background in a special blog post :). But now I want to start with the 2 major highlights of the month (still cannot believe this is true).

Personal highlights of the Month

1. Paris, here I come again!How to Wear White Block Heel Ankle Boots

Guys, as I’m finishing this blog post, I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Paris. Why? I got invited to Paris by Cartier. O M G!!!! I still can’t believe it!!! I’m so excited guys, you have no idea!!!! Make sure to follow me around on Instagram :D. Also if you haven’t checked out my previous posts from Paris, check them out here, here and here :).

2. A new home!!!!!

Guys, I still cannot believe this is true…. I’ve always dreamed of having an apartment with a terrace and a garden; But I never thought this would be possible, especially in Vienna. However, a couple of weeks ago, we accidentally came across a beautiful apartment with 4 rooms a huge garden; And the best thing is that it’s located only two streets away from my current apartment. We were so over the moon with it that we instantly decided to buy it and sell our current apartment. No sooner said than done! At the end of March we are going to get the keys and then we’ll move. Just so you know, there are going to be a lot of interior posts this year :D.

3. My Trip to Salzburg with Timo

2 weeks ago, Timo and I were invited by s.Oliver to Salzburg. If you follow us on Instagram, you know how nervous we’d been since we had to conduct presentations for 2 days in front of their customers. Even though it was pretty stressful, I’m so thankful for the experience and the great time there. The people were so friendly! I also had sooo much fun with crazy Timo 😀 She’s the best travelling buddy :D.

Favorite Instagram Moment

This is definitely my favorite Instagram moment of the month. It was the first time I’ve done a shooting when it’s dark outside and I’m more than happy with the result. Timo is so beautiful in this dress!!! Such a diva! And btw. thank you Timo for the props!!!! I’m more than happy to be your little photographer :).

Blog Posts of the Month

When it comes to blog posts, this month was pretty much a month of my “first-ones”, because I shared my first recipe with you and wrote my first beauty review, where I also appeared with no make up on a pic for the first time ever!

1. My First Beauty Review and First Pic with no Make Up on (direct link on the image)

Color Correcting

How to : Color Correcting


I know, for some of you this might be awkward or silly, but it was really a little overcoming for me to have a shooting with no make up on. I’m not a person who likes to wear tons of make up, (it’s mostly just concealer, mascara and lipstick), but I never go out of my apartment without at least having applied some mascara. What about you? Do you mind going out without make up?

I don’t know, I just don’t feel comfortable if I don’t get myself up. That’s also a thing my mum thought me: “First thing in the morning, get yourself up. Even if it means to get up half an hour earlier. Make sure you feel beautiful – for yourself and yourself esteem as well as for your husband.” I would never want to be caught in the situation that my husband has to tell me: “Look at yourself, why have you let your hair down?”. And I know lots of women who got themselves in this situation. Maybe it sounds shallow, but I believe that my husband has fallen in love with me as a person who takes care of her appearance and I should stay that way and not let my hair down just because I know he loves me the way I am. Even though Davor always tells me he likes me the most with no make up on, I do it for my own well-being.

2. My first recipe (direct link on the image)

Smoothie Bowl mit Bananen und Beeren

Vegan Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

I never wrote about food until now, but this year I also want to write much about my fitness routine, which also includes my diet. Almost every day people ask me what I am doing and what I am eating in order to stay slim. I love to share my tips with everyone, but somehow I never got the idea to write about it; and now I want to change it :). I’ve weighed 48 kg for 6 years now and haven’t gained one kilogram yet. I know 48 kg is really little, but I’m also a pretty small person :).

Plans for the Next Month

The major plan for the next month is to SURVIVE!!!! I hate moving you guys! On one hand I’m really not amused about this, but on the other hand I’m also pretty excited that I am going to furnish the apartment of my dreams :). In order to survive the madness, I am going to relax for a couple of days now. I’m visiting my mum in Bosnia over the weekend and taking the chance to go offline! So guys, from Friday until Monday, you’re not going to hear a single word from me :D, but then I’ll be back again with some great stuff!!!!

Love you!

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