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Last month, we’ve promised you guys we’ll be writing the next recaps togehter and here comes our second one😍. Just as the last time, we have a tiny surprise for you at the end, so make sure to keep reading all the way down. Also, we would love you to let us know how you like our monthly recaps and if there is something you would change or add. ♡

by Kaja

July is already over – What? When did that happened? Seriously guys, every month again, I say ohh a month has passed so quickly but July, it’s like I may have missed that month 😀 HA HA ! 

Personal Stuff

Well, it didn’t happen so much in July, besides I attended some very interesting events, like the Lillet summer picnic, which was really, really great. Btw., if you like Lillet, you should definitely try Sara’s recipe for a summer drink with raspberries and Lilllet. See here 

It looks really delicious!

Lillet Drinks


Now comes a very funny story. Two weeks ago, we skyped with our friends in Nuremberg and they asked us what are our plans for that weekend and we did not have special plans, so they asked us to come to Nuremberg to visit them. So we spontaneously decided to spend the weekend over there. I’ve just packed a few things and we were already in our car, on our way to Nuremberg. Of course I forgot my camera, so I don’t have any photos for you. But believe me, this city is soo wonderful. It reminds me of Bratislava, but a way huger. Every time again, I fall in love with a new corner of it. 

And now we come to my Favorites of the Month:

Favorite Piece of Clothing

Ohh I have a new LOVE – this wonderful skirt I got on sale from  Zara. Do you actually  know why I love the “Zara-sale” so much? It’s because I always find some new clothes I’ve never seen before in the store. Like this skirt 😀



Favorite Blog Post

This time, it is my very personal blog post about my life since I have a baby. Iwould make me very happy if you would check it out. Once again here

Das Leben mit einem Baby

So guys, not so much  of my personal highlights happened in July. But I guess, I will have more to tell you about August.

by TimoMidi Lace Skirt and Red Massimo Dutti Crossbag Timo from The Cosmopolitas

July is definitely my favorite month so far this year! I’s been great and I’ve been enjoying every single day, because I was finally “free” from the university and could start enjoying the summer which has started with our NYC trip. 😍

Personal Stuff & Travel

July wasn’t only less stressful than June, but also one of my favorites ever. The month has started with a dream coming true, which was the trip to NYC wit Sara.

1. New York City🇺🇸

I must admit I wasn’t thaaat excited before the trip itself, because I didn’t truly realize we were seriously going to fulfill one of our huge dreams. However, at the moment we came to the airport, all set up to board our plane, I really had to pinch myself to start realizing we were just about to leave Vienna. Hours later, we found ourselves standing in front of the Grand Central Station, all surrounded with huge skyscrapers – simply indescribable. The days in NYC were fun pure and I seriously can’t remeber if I ever laughed that much in my whole life. 😅The Cosmopolitas Grand Central Park

2. Back in Vienna

Since I missed my hubby a looooot while we were in NYC, I was sooo looking forward to spend a few days with him before I left for a weekend at Lake Neusiedl with 2 girlfriends. The whole weekend was all about good food, relaxing and playing social games – simply perfect.Podersdorf am See Podersdorf am See

The weekend after, we were on the road again. We went to visit my parents in Bosnia and also to attend a beautiful wedding of our friends. The weather was incredibly beautiful the the wedding definitely one of the most beautiful I ever attended. After that short trip, we had only one week left before Ozora – our favorite festival we keep visiting every year again.Bosnia and Herzegovina River Una

Now I’m back in Vienna and I seriusly have to start working on my master thesis, because we’ll be leaving for Croatia soon and the new semester is going be begin in less than a month *very sad face. 😓

Favorite Piece of Clothing

I’m definitely one of those people who buy specific pieces of clothing and keep wearing them for years. One of those pieces are these wide-leg pants I bought on sale about 3 years ago. I love discovering them all over again in my closet and I had to take them to NYC as well, but there will be a blog post about this look on the blog very soon.Flatiron Building NYC

Favorite Book

On our way back from NYC, we stopped at a book shop at the airport and I found this hilarious book I almost read completely on the plane, because I loooved it. Girls, Crazy Rich Azians is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read and therefore A MUST READ!!! 😍Crazy Rich Asians Book ©The Daily Mark

Favorite Blog Post

Everyone who knows me well is aware of the fact that I adore food. I never managed to understand those people who say things like “I’m too lazy to eat or cook”. Guys, food is one of the most perfect things in the whole world (Sara would laugh at this one, because I always use the word perfect when I describe food). 😅 For this perfect reason, my favorite blog post this month is my granola recipe I published a few days ago. It’s the most perfect recipe you’ll ever find ( HA HA😅) and you have to check it out. For the ones from Germany or Austria, make sure to take part in my giveaway which is open until the 6th August. Good luck ♡Homemade chocolate granola by Timo The Cosmopolitas


♡Wish you guys a wonderful August ♡

by Sara

Guys, July was an uuuuunbvelievable month :D. It passed so quickly. I guess it’s because I was traveling more than half of the month :D. It happened so much and a major dream came true :).

Personal Favorites

1. NYC with Timo

Sara Dadic The Cosmopolitas

I still remember the first days we started our blog and how we used to daydream about all the things we wanted to achieve one day. There was one particular wish, or rather say goal – to visit NYC together. And guys, I can’t describe how happy and grateful I am to finally be able to say – we did it!!!! However, I was so sad that Kaja couldn’t come with us – but this is definitely our next goal and something we have to catch up on :)))).

Out trip to NYC was probably the most crazy one in my whole life :D. We had soooo much fun! If you follow us on Instagram, then you have probably seen it :D. However, I won’t reveal too many details here, because I’m planning a couple of posts on NYC.

Sara Dadic The Cosmopolitas

We still haven’t managed to write much about our trip, except for a review of the hotel we stayed at. One reason why I didn’t manage it is because of the

2. Vacation with my hubby at Zakynthos

Zakynthos, Greece Beaches Review

As soon as I arrived back in Vienna, I had to pack once again – this time for the most beautiful island I’ve ever been to – Zakynthos. Zakynthos may be infamous as a party island, but this is just not true you guys! There is only one street in a place called Laganas and there literally are just clubs, but the rest of the island is really quiet and just incredibly beautiful. The beaches are the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen and the water is so blue and clear, I just don’t know how to describe it, but see for yourself. So, if you don’t know where to spend your next vacation, I can really recommend it. I’ll definitely come back one day.

Zakynthos, Greece Beaches Review

Favorite Blog Post

Interior White Blue Gold


In July I gave you a first sneak peek into my new apartment. I was so excited because this was the first time ever I showed my apartment on the blog and it was also my first blog post in the category interior. I got so much positive feedback and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the apartment as soon as it’s all furnished :).

Favorite Beauty Product

BeautyLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Booster Review

There is one beauty product I’ve been using for 2 months now, but I haven’t shared it with you yet, since I wanted to be sure if it is really that good.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been struggling with short eyelashes. I know, fake eyelashes are pretty en vogue now and many friends of mine have them, but I just don’t have the courage to do it since I’ve heard some pretty bad stories. Also you have to watch out when washing your face, showering etc. – definitely nothing for me :D.

However, since I want to have longer eyelashes soo badly, I decided to try the BeautyLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Booster

It is said that it takes 10 weeks until you see the results. I’ve been using it for 8 weeks now and I’ve already noticed a difference. My lashes really got a bit longer and I think I’ll definitely keep on using it since it doesn’t take much time. Have you guys tried it? How was your experience?

Favorite Blog of the Month

Don’t know about you guys, but I love reading motivational books, listen to podcasts and read such blogs too. One of my favorite blogger who writes on the topics motivation, career, self development etc. is KING AND STARS

The blogger behind this very blog is Ani – one of the most friendly and cutest bloggers I’ve ever met. Yes, this time it is one I actually know :). She works as an HR professional, so she knows what she is talking about. Note: the blog posts are written in German only, but if you’re fluent in German, I can really entrust it to you.

P.S. Dear Ani, I really hope we’ll manage to grab a lunch at a good Vietnamese spot soon 🙂 <3


Every month a new series :). In July my favorite one has been Gypsy – psychological thriller with great cast that won’t let you sleep until you’ve finished the whole series.

Listened to:

This one has been our NYC-hymn – no matter where we were going, this song was just everywhere 😀 and I just love it!


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  • Maria Mitic
    August 4, 2017

    Lip Lingerie Embellishment is my favorite))))

  • bettina
    August 8, 2017

    interessante beiträge, schöne fotos, ich mag euren blog wirklich sehr 🙂

    mein favorit wäre crystalized metal <3
    liebe grüße

    • The Cosmopolitas
      August 10, 2017

      Liebe Bettina,

      vielen lieben Dank, dass du bei unserem Gewinnspiel mitgemacht hast. Es freut uns sehr, dass dir unser Blog gefällt. 🙂 Du bist nun unsere glückliche Gewinnerin und sobald du uns deine Adresse verraten hast, ist dein Paket schon am Weg zu dir. 🙂

      Liebste Grüße
      Kaja, Sara & Timo

  • Ani
    August 9, 2017

    OMG!!!! Danke liebe Sara!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Sehr süss und es freut mich sehr, dass ich dich inspirieren konnte bzw. kann! BUSSI

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