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March was such a great month! Spring is here, it is finally warm again and I’ve enjoyed every day to the fullest. I guess I can say, I’ve finally learned to live in the present and enjoy every day as if it were my last. It’s really the little things in life that make life worth living and all the things that I still have in mind are mostly little details like a stroll at night through the city with a good friend or a coffee on a terrace of a nice café. When I think of these moments, they make me feel warm all over and I ask myself, why not experience more of moments like these?

Personal Stuff

1. New Hair Color

Blonde Lilac Balayage

Last week I had the honor to get my hair done by the incredibly talented Marcel Pieberl at the L’Oréal Akademie here in Vienna. It was high time to do something because the last time I dyed my hair was more than half a year ago XD. I went to Marcel with no exact idea. I just knew I wanted a balayage and all other details I left to him because I heard a lot of good about him and his work, so I thought I should just believe him – a great decision! After approximately 5 hours my hair was done. I got an ash-blonde balayage with a pinch of pastel lilac he made with the new Colorful Hair color from L’Oréal Professionnel and I’m more than happy you guys! I just love the color gradient. He performed magic!

L'oreal Professionel Colorful Grey Lilac Balayage Blonde Lilac Balayage Grey Lilac Balayage

However, it’s not just my hair color that I’m so happy about, but even more about the fact that I’ve met such a warmhearted, talented and friendly person with such a great personality. Thank you, dear Marcel for that!!!

2. Exploring Vienna

Vienna Danube Millenium Tower

I’ve been living in Vienna for 6 years now and I’ve realized how little I know this city. I always went to the same places, went along the same streets and never explored the city to find new places. I was also a person who didn’t love going out that much – I felt most comfortable and happy when I was home. However, one day I realized what a pity it actually was not to explore these beautiful places and corners around me. That’s why I decided to go out more often and explore the city and I did it almost every day in March. I saw such beautiful places and buildings I’ve never seen before. And once again I have to emphasize how much I love this city :).

Wien Donau Wien Sonnenuntergang

Movie of The Month

La La Land is definitely my favorite movie I watched this month. Last week I went to the cinema with two friends and it was a real experience. The movie has such a vibe that drags you totally into the movie and lets you forget everything around you. It is honestly one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever watched; And I say beautiful because it really is beautiful to watch. If you haven’t seen it yet, then hurry up!

Blog Post of the Month

When it comes to blog posts, this month I once again had my first blog post in a particular category – namely fitness. It is also the one that people liked the most. I really don’t know why I haven’t written earlier about this very topic that is actually a big part of my everyday life.

This blog post is the one I’ve worked the most on. I trained for weeks so hard, because I wanted to be in best shape for the shooting for it. Another reason why I worked so hard for it was because I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it.

And another thing guys – I hadn’t expected such a great feedback! OMG! So many people called me on this blog post and told me how great it was. Many people also asked me when I was going to share my workout routine and I will do it as soon as possible :). Thank you guys for this!!!!! It means so much to me and it motivates me to keep working on myself and writing about it.

So guys, these were my personal highlights in March, let’s see what April will bring :).

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