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We can´t believe we are about to share our almost last monthly recap for this year with you guys. What happened to 2017? Is it seriously going to be 2018 in a month? Time really flies and we have to start thinking about Christmas presents, about celebrating New Year’s Eve and about our plans for 2018.

This year was really exciting for all of us and we are more than thankful for everything we were able to experience. However, November was definitely the busiest month of the year, because we started so many projects we had to finish before December. We already look forward to the last month of the year, because we can finally share some of those projects with you guys. Hint: very cool giveaways are coming up. Make sure to stop by regularly.

Monthly Recap

by Kaja

Personal Stuff

Guys, November was a really crazy month! So much has happened and I’m even not sure if I can remember everything, but I will try! 😀 We attended some really cool events (have a look at Timo’s part) aaand we had our first train journey together to Salzburg. By the way, for the first time in my life I was in Salzburg. And that is really a shame, cause I have been living in Austria for over 14 years now. However, I will definitely visit Salzburg again in the near future. I saw just a little piece of the city and I was so delighted. Therefore I need to see more of the city!

Well, we visited Salzburg for the Food festival by dmBio and it was so cool! We cooked together, we tried different dishes from 12 countries, we decorated chocolate and for me that was the best thing! 😀 Me – the chocolate freak! And not to forget, we met other bloggers from different countries and that was a pleasure!

This is my self-created chocolate: 




The next amazing thing I did back in November is my very first Christmas wreath! I was invited by MAC Cosmetics to create together with some other bloggers our own wreaths. So, it was very interesting to decorate it and to see how creative we all are. Now, I’ m ready for the first Advent Sunday!

Beside the blog, I have some news about my little boy: At the beginning of the month,  Ilija has made his first steps aaaand two weeks later he got his first tooth! We were super excited about it! It’s unbelievable how fast time is flying and how quickly he grows. Every day, he makes or says something new and it’s so wonderful to see how he makes his steps through life.

And now, here come my Favorites of the Month:

Favorite Piece of Clothing

This time I don’t have one – I have over ten favorite pieces! 😀 As all you know it was Black Friday on 24th November and I have bought sooo many things! I was really crazy on that day. But,  I guess not only me, right? Therefore, I am not going to list thembut you will see everything in my next looks! 

Favorite Blog Post

My favorite blog post ist actually one of our latest blog posts:


Wie trägt man Kaschmir Pullover

We’ve posted this a few days ago and I love this blog post for a good reason. We’ve learned something new about cashmere and we have found someone who sells cashmere pieces at fair prices. In order to ensure the high quality, the production happens under strict supervision in Mongolia. So if you are looking for a quality cashmere sweater, you can be sure to find here the right one.

PS: You should definitely have a look at this post, cause there is a great giveaway for you! 

Currently Reading

I started to read the book “Die Frau im hellblauen Kleid” but I’ve not finished it yet, but, I will let you know what I think about this book.

Now, let’s December begin. This month starts already relaxing for me! Me and my two boys are heading tomorrow to the thermal spa “Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg”, where we’ll spend the weekend. I’ can’t wait to be there. 🙂

So guys, these were my personal highlights of November! December is going to be a crazy month too, but I look forward to seeing how it will be 😀

The Cosmopolitas Sequin Dress

by Timo

Personal Stuff & Events

I seriously don’t know how and when November has passed. So many things have happened and I don’t even know where to start. Our first “big thing” this month was the interview about “Blogging as a job” we gave for the Austrian investor Gerald Hörhan. The video is not online yet, but we already had the chance to see it and it looks really cool. 🙂

I’ve attended some really cool events and these were definitely the coolest ones:

Lugeck Cooking

Lugeck is one of the most famous Viennese restaurants and we were invited to “take a look behind the scenes” and prepare some of the most famous dishes in their kitchen with the main chef. Look how delicious this beef tartar looks like. 🙂Lugeck Restaurant Vienna

Tabasco Breakfast

Another really cool event was a breakfast with Tabasco which included a small presentation about the products and the way they are being produced on the Avery Island in Louisiana.Frühstück Erich 1070 Wien

All that Glitters by Treatwell

A glitter party organized by Treatwell was amazing. We could choose our own flower crowns, style our hair and enjoy some yummy drinks and food. I quite liked my hair style, but I definitely wouldn’t wear it every day. When I came home that evening, I asked my husband what he thinks about it and his words were “Cool, but not very sexy”, haha. 😀 Typically men! 😀 He thought it looked rather old-fashioned. 😀Treatwell All That Glitters

Food festival by dmBio in Salzburg

OK, this was probably one of the coolest events ever. We were invited to spend a night in Salzburg and join the food festival the next day. All the guests were divided into 12 different cooking teams/countries and every team had to prepare one dish, which was typical for the country it was “representing”. We were the team Macedonia and our dish was “Baklava”, which was very, very yummy. 🙂DM Food Festival Salzburg
© Julia Schierer

Apart from the events, I finally made it to get my hair done by the wonderful Frau Schneider Sonja, who did a really good job. I’m so happy with my “long bob”, because my hair was already way to long and damaged. Likey!!!! 🙂Frau Schneider Sonja Wien

Blog Post of the month

HOW TO WEAR: SEQUINS DURING THE DAYDresmadera Dress Diesel Black Gold FW17

In case you missed my blog post featuring this amazing glitter dress from Diesel Black Gold, make sure to check it out here. It’s all about styling sequins during the day and my tips how to avoid looking like a Christmas tree.

Currently Watching

Every documentary I can find about Cuba, because I’m trying to prepare for my upcoming trip to this wonderful country. In case you were there or you can recommend something interesting to read/watch about Cuba, please leave a comment bellow. I would appreciate it very much. Cuba Havana

♡ Guys & girls, I wish you all a wonderful December and lots of beautiful moments with your families for Christmas. I’ll probably skip the monthly recap in January, because I’ll stay on Cuba until the 6th of January, but I promise I will share lots of things about Cuba as soon as I’m back. Love youuuu! ♡

Tannymaxx Sexy Dating Legs Brilliant Bronzer Review

by Sara

Personal Stuff

Just like Timo and Kaja have already said, November was such a crazy and busy month, but thank God, I’ve found new ways to stay calm and focused.

Changing my workout routine

You may know that I’m a big fitness-freak, or rather say, was. However, the last two months, I’ve not been so diligent, because I have to admit, working out at the gym has become pretty boring to me. It’s just always the same stuff, the same gym machines. I just needed something new. That’s why I decided to put my membership on ice for a while and instead go swimming. The next week I’ll start swimming regularly until this becomes boring too :P.

Yoga as a morning and evening routine

Yoga is something I started doing about 3 weeks ago. Since I didn’t feel like going to the gym, I decided to do some exercises at home. I was looking for different workouts on youtube and then I stumbled upon the channel Yoga with AdrieneI always wanted to do yoga, but somehow I rather went to the gym. That’s how things change :D. 

I love Adriene’s channel, because there are different categories of exercises, like yoga for beginners, morning yoga practices, bedtime yoga, yoga for busy people ( 5- 10 minute workouts) and that’s really great, because on some mornings I don’t manage to wake up an hour earlier. Then I just do a 7-minute-morning routine and have a great feeling because I’ve done something good for myself :). And I tell you guys, I feel so much better after doing it every morning.

Meditation Classes

Beside yoga, at the beginning of November, Timo and I have again started going to meditation classes. We were going at the beginning of the year and it set us really up. It’s just something I can recommend to everyone who is working as much as we do. It is the one hour you take just for yourself and don’t think of any problems or tasks you have to manage.

If you live in Vienna and you’re interested in meditating, there are classes at the Lotus Seminarzentrum, Morizgasse 9, 1060 Vienna. There are classes every

Monday, from 7:30 pm
Tuesday, from 7:30 pm
Thursday, from 7:00 pm

And the best part is, it’s for free 😀

Favorite Events

XXXLutz The Cosmopolitas

Timo has already mentioned some events and I won’t repeat them. However, I have to mention one particular event that I’ll probably never forget :D. It was a sleepover at XXXLutz. I mean this was a childhood dream that has come true :D. Which child didn’t dream of being alone in a department store, snooping around all the toys. This time it was the perfect adult version – being alone in a store with so much great interior stuff.

Additonally, we had a candlelight dinner, a cocktail bar, a party and a movie night. We watched “Pretty Woman” which I love!!!! Moreover, we could choose a bed to sleep and got all the necessities we needed for a sleepover. It was so cool!!!

Favorite Series I Watched

Without exaggerating, “The Sinner” is among the top 5 series I’ve ever watched. Usually, I’m not the type of person, who binge-watches a series on one day, but this one I just couldn’t stop watching. Davor and I spent one whole Sunday in front of the TV :D.

“The Sinner” is a series based on a novel, which follows the story of a young woman (Jessica Biel) who, out of nowhere killed a man at the beach in broad daylight among hundreds of other people. The strange thing was that she herself had no clue why she did it, because the man was a stranger to her. That’s when the an investigator tries to figure out, why she did it. So gripping!!! You gotta watch it!

Currently listening to

November is the time of the year when I’m in the mood for some slow, romantic tunes. This month, I’ve been listening very much to some smooth R’n’B and these are my favorite tracks currently:

Especially H.E.R. is a singer I’ve been listening to very much lately. I didn’t know her, but recently a friend of mine recommended her to me and now I’m just obsessed with her songs :D.

Guys, now this was November. What were your highlights of the month?

The Cosmopolitas

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