Monthly recap: September 2017

The Cosmopolitas Monthly Recap

Time has gone by quickly and now there are only two months until the end of the year – it’s incredible how fast the year idrawing to a close. September has passed, the summer season is finally over and it’s time to summarize what was going on the last month! So, here is what happened in the last summer month! 


Well, September was definitely one of the good months. We had some great meetings, we attended some really cool events and we worked together on some interesting projects. When looking back, September was definitely a successful month full of great experiences we are thankful for.

monthly recap


by Kaja

Personal Stuff

Even though the month has passed very quickly, a lot othings have occurred. So, where to start? LOL! Maybe, with my hair. You surely have already noticed  that I have a new haircut. I was already pretty annoyed about the color, the length – so I called my hairdresser and told him that I want to cut my hair to a shorter length. Every time I get a hair crisis, I have to do something and change my look. Now I have short and dark hair and I’m incredibly happy with it. Everything is easier with such a short haircut. 

Next thing is that I was invited to three weddings in September, so I spent two crazy weekends in Serbia. Even though it was very stressful, all three weddings were beautiful and I enjoyed the time so much.

So, September was a very eventful and therefore a somehow incredibly short month. And that’s actually fine for me, because we now have October and October is my favorite month of the year. Guess why!

And now let’s start with my Favorites of the Month:

Favorite Piece of Clothing

It’s not always easy to choose just one piece of clothing, because I have sooo many things in my wardrobe I really love, but this time I can clearly say that my fav are these side-track pants. As I saw them, I was immediately impressed!

track pants

Favorite Blog Post

This time it’s definitely one of our latest blog posts:


Guys, you need to see this post if you still haven’t. It’s not only my favorite blog post of the month, it’s my favorite blog post of all times! I’m soo proud of the 3 of us for this work. It was really cold outside the day we took these pictures and we didn´t feel well at all, but even in such a bad mood, we did a great job. Once again, we’ve proved ourselves, that when we do what we love and when we hold together even on bad days, we can do everything! 

Where to shop in Vienna The Cosmopolitas

Favorite Beauty Products

I never had this category, but this time I need to share my experience with two new beauty products I’ve been using for the past months and I am more than happy with them. By these I mean the Oliveda cleansing gel* and Oliveda face cream*. I have a very sensitive skin and it is not always easy for me to find the right products. I searched around for a long time looking for a cleansing gel which wouldn´t additionally dry my skin out as the most products I’ve tried up to now. Every time again, when I have to try some new products, I’m very suspicious. However, this time there was no reason to be afraid – these two products are like heaven for my skin!  The cleansing gel is particularly mild and does not dry out the skin and the face cream supplies the skin with vitamins and moisture. It also makes stressed and tired skin look smooth and well cared for again.
Ever since I started using these two products, my skin picture has substantially improved. The skin is no longer dry and rough, but soft and smooth and the redness has also disappeared. 
Even my friends and family have noticed the results! Bottom line: I can highly recommend these skin products! 

Oliveda Skin Products

So guys, these were my personal highlights of September. More then in my favorite month, October! 😀

Extravagante Mode in Wien The Cosmopolitas

by Timo

I’m afraid none of you wanted to pass their secret on to me and I still couldn’t figure out how to stop the time and keep the summer in Vienna forever. However, I must admit September wasn’t too bad at all. Even though we had way to many rainy days, I was busy keeping up with work and the university and both of these prevented me from thinking about the weather. 🙂 The whole month was full of appointments and on certain days, I was simply lost and a bit overwhelmed. Nonetheless, it was one the most exiting months for our blog and I’m very proud of how many exciting projects we’ve managed to realize.

Personal Stuff & Travel

Huh I actually just realized I stayed the whole month in Vienna only. The only “trip” was to Burgenland to a thermal bath for a day with my hubby, which was very relaxing.  Apart from that, I tried to keep up with the start of my lectures at the university. I have to admit I didn’t look forward to those at all, because I knew it’s also going to be tiring to attend lectures and start working on my master thesis at the same time. Just last weekend, I felt quite desperate, because I tried to work on my rough draft and I wasn’t happy with it at all. However, I guess I have to stop being too critical with me and stay positive. I simply can’t wait to finish the university to be able to concentrate on one project I didn’t get of my mind for the last 4 years and I hope I can tell you more about it in 2018.

Apart from the university, we’ve attended some really cool events in September and have realized a few quite cool projects. Some very interesting are about to follow in October and we are soooo exited. October is going to be a veeeeery busy month, but I sooo look forward to it and you’ll find out why very soon. One of the most exciting things is our short trip to Berlin, which is going to be our first trio-flight…you can imagine how excited we are, yeyyyy 😀

Favorite Piece of Clothing
Karo Hosenanzug Sportliche Version

I know everyone has at least one checked blazer at the moment, but I couldn’t stop myself from buying this pantsuit when I saw it. It simply fits perfectly and – believe it or not – I’ve always loved checked pattern. I was also wearing it at our shoot for the trend report about pantsuits, so make sure to check out the article if you missed it.

Favorite Neflix Documentary

You guys probably know I’m such a documentary freak and my favorite ones are nature related. One week ago, I saw this great documentary Terra on Netflix and I can highly recommend it. Terra looks at the natural history of mankind and our existence on Earth. This documentary shows how our own image and representation of nature has always been decisive in human history, and how it can still change the course of events to come. This documentary has reminded me a bit of the “Planet Earth” documentaries which are probably the best ones ever filmed.

♡ I guess that’s it for September guys. Wish you guys a wonderful October ♡

Unique Jewelry

by Sara

Personal Stuff

Oh guys, once again I’m one step closer to the number 3… I turned 27 in September. I still can’t believe, I’m actually 27 :D, but I feel like I’m 17 :D. However, the most important thing is how a person feels, right? This birthday I spent with my husband and our friends in Frankfurt and it was not just one b-day party, it was 3 days of continuous partying and maybe this was one moment when I’ve realized that I’m maybe too old for this sh*t XD. These days when I was partying every Friday and Saturday are long gone :D. I couldn’t wait for the next weekend just to chill in front of the TV and do nothing 😀 So maybe I don’t feel like 17 any more, but let’s meet somewhere in the middle and say I’m 21 :D.

However, I really had the time of my life since we went to some hip hop parties and I was totally in my zone 😀 It was probably the coolest b-day ever!!! Now related to this, I wrote a very personal blog post, which is also my favorite blog post this month :).

Favorite Blog Post

A little extra info about this blog post: One thing I didn’t tell you (except you’ve seen my instagram stories that day). I wrote it on the plane from Vienna to Frankfurt as I had enough time to think about some things. The I started writing everything that came to my mind I was grateful for. After some time I just started crying and couldn’t stop. Next to me, there was an elderly lady who first looked at me surprised and didn’t know what to say. Then she leaned closer to me and asked me if she could help me somehow. I told her: “Thank you very much, but the reason I’m crying is that everything is more than ok in my life right now :).”


Sara Dadic


Die schönsten Bars in Wien

Photography – Walter Luttenberger 

 Aï Vienna

A couple of weeks ago we had the oportunity to try this new Japanese influenced Asian restaurant even before it has offically opened. The restaurant is located in the heart of first district of Vienna (Seitzergasse 6). This upscale restaurant serves innovative Asian cuisine and premium cocktails which you can enjoy at this beautiful bar.  This means, it isn’t only a restaurant, but also a great cocktail bar and lounge.

Another highlight of Aï Vienna is the robata, a Japanese charcoal grill and a sushi bar which is open and provides an insight into the kitchen. We tried almost all dishes available there and it was an incredible experience. However, our favorite were profiteroles filled with caramel cream and served with a coconut dip.

Aï Vienna Best Asian Restaurants Vienna
Aï Vienna Best Japanese Restaurants Vienna
Bestes Japanisches Restaurant in Wien
Der beste Asiate in Wien
Die besten Asiatischen Restaurants in Wien

The restaurant also tries to follow a zero-waste concept, which is why almost nothing that can be used in any way is wasted. As you can see, you can get an incredibly delicious cocktail with a prawn as decoration :D. 


The most beautiful bars in Vienna

Photography – Walter Luttenberger


If you’re looking for a comedy series to binge-watch on a day, this one is perfect!

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