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Ever since I was a child, I’ve been dreaming about countries far away from my home village in Bosnia. I always wanted to travel the world and the only thing that has changed over the years are my dream destinations. Recently I stumbled upon one of my school projects which was about my 2 dream cities I would love to see one day. I wasn’t very astonished seeing New York on the list, but I couldn’t believe that I wished to visit Shanghai with 12. Funnily, I’ve been to Shanghai in 2014 and the city is quite amazing, but at this point…it would definitely be somewhere at the end of my travel list. I still didn’t make it to New York, but I will be traveling to “the city that never sleeps” with Sara at the beginning of July and I’m getting more and more excited about it. However, this isn’t the only destination I can look forward to in this year. Make sure to keep reading for more. 🙂


To travel is to live!

I know every one of us has read this quote about hundreds of times, but it’s simply one of my favorite quotes. Every time I step onto an airplane, I think of the same quote and I feel just so happy for being able to look forward to a new destination. New places make me feel more alive than anything else I could think of. Therefore, as Lipault part of portfolio of Samsonite International asked me to attend the launch of the new collection in the Samsonite store in Vienna, I was over the moon, because I love their suitcases and it was my first collaboration inquiry related to one of my favorite things to do – travelling. I was allowed to shoot one of the suitcases from the new collection in this wonderful rose gold, which is probable THE Instagram color this year – and yes, I’m obsessed too. Now you can see the gorgeous suitcase and the matching bag on the pictures and I was so excited to show them to you guys. Aren’t they amazing? I’m soooo in love! Timo from The Cosmopolitas Lipault Suitcase Rose GoldLipault Suitcase Rose Gold by The Cosmopolitas ViennaNow I’m even more excited about my upcoming trips. And, as mentioned in the beginning, my first stop is going to be…


Even though New York has been on my travel list ever since 2009, I somehow never made it to visit this city everyone is soooo crazy about. I think it’s probably because my husband and I always choose places on the seaside for vacation rather than big cities. However, I kept talking about it with Kaja and Sara and it was our plan to visit NYC together. Unfortunately, Kaja can’t join us this time, because baby Ilija would miss her way too much if she was away for a whole week. Nevertheless, I’m sure there will be a second time and we’ll have a chance to explore the city together.

Sara and I have booked our flights already and we’ll be leaving Vienna on the 1st of July. We’ll spend one night in Berlin and then catch a direct flight to NYC the next day. We have 7 nights in total to spend there and I’m not only extremely excited, but also curious if and how I am going to like it. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Koffer in Rosegold LipaultLipault Suitcase Rose Gold by The Cosmopolitas


I’m afraid I’m not allowed to reveal much about this trip, but I can promise there will be a travel report about it. It is another trip I’ll be going on together with Sara and we can disclose this much: It’s gonna be colorful and fun! We can´t wait for August to come!

Reiseziele für 2017


Vis is one place my husband and I keep returning to. We loved it from the first time we went there back in 2011. This tiny island is definitely going to stay our happy place, because it was also the place where we got married 2 years ago. This summer, we are going back to celebrate our second anniversary. Can’t wait!

Lipault suitcase handluggage The Cosmopolitas


Probably the last trip for this year is going to be one place I’ve been dreaming about the past few years – Cuba. We decided to spend our Christmas holidays and the New Year’s Eve on Cuba this year, because, even though we’ve been planning it for years, we never made it to fly away during the winter. We still have to book our flights and work on our travel route, but there is plenty of time left for that. In case any of you have recommendations, I would really appreciate it if you would leave them in the comments bellow. <3

Now, I think I´ve listed all the major destinations I can look forward this year! How about you guys? Where are you going to spend your holidays?


jeans: LEVI’S JEANS // body: ITEM M6 // sandals: LAURÈL //
blazer: ZARA

Lipault Suitcase Rose Gold by The CosmopolitasTimo The Cosmopolitas Vintage Levis Jeans combined with nude tonesIn a friendly collaboration with Lipault

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