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Vienna is not one of those cities you would call an early-adapter. It’s rather known for its coziness and for running/being late in everything. Whether in terms of new fashion, food and other trends, in Vienna, you can’t expect changes to happen overnight or people to adapt to new trends very quickly. However, Vienna is and has always been rich in terms of cultural diversity and the different cultures have shaped the present picture of this amazing city. Fact is: even though everything happens very slowly in Vienna, we love this city and everything it has to offer. We love to watch the city grow in many points of view. We love having the diversity of food you get in the nearby restaurants, the ability of hearing so many different languages while taking the metro and, of course, the openings of new and interesting concept stores and small boutiques. For all these reasons, we have decided to share our love and appreciation for this city more often and today, we would like to start with a story about a special and at the same time new concept store we are obsessed with – The Overground Concept Store.

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The Overground Concept Store

The store we are talking about is a place where tradition meets fashion, where trends are represented in a quite different way, where fashion is on some distinct level – extravagantsophisticated, puristic and timeless. When looking for high fashion, stores like Chanel or Prada count to the Viennese fashion scene since forever, but if you want to wear something that is on the same level, but no one else has it, you can find it in Overground – the new Georgian concept store which has opened in August in the heart of Vienna. The pieces are unique and you can find something for every occasion – from urban-casual, to business, to extravagant (as you’ll see on the pics below). Even if you’re looking for unique, handmade jewelry, exceptional shoes and handbags, this store leaves nothing to be desired.

However, it is not just a place for fashion, but for art and music too. On the ground level you can rummage in Georgian high fashion pieces, if you take the stairs up to the first level, you can enjoy contemporary Georgian art, and in the basement, there are jazz concerts every now and then. I mean, how cool is this?

Where to find it?




Schwarzenbergstraße 8
1010 Vienna

Overground Concept Store

by Kaja

This season there is nothing more powerful than a pantsuit; And a white suit ensures that the look is the right choice for any occasion. If you ask me, there is no better way to achieve pure elegance than wearing a tailored white blazer with matching wide pants. Moreover, a head-to-toe white look definitely looks fresh in a sea of black and gray during this time of the year. During our visit at the Overground Concept Store, I found some really interesting pieces and it was really hard to choose just one outfit.  However, as soon as I saw this matched set in white, I was immediately  impressed by its sophisticated vibe and its extravagant touch.

Overground Concept Store
Overground Concept Store
Overground Concept Store
Overground Concept Store

My look today totally reflects my personal style. In the last few months I’ve been experimenting a lot with my clothes, but at the end of my “experimental phase” I turned back to pieces I really love and that suit me best, like this pantsuit. The tailored blazer has an impeccable fit and the wide pants just give the impression of a longer leg. All in all, a perfect match!

To round up the whole look and to add some spice to my white winter look, I chose the bright, red bag and light blue stilettos.

Overground Concept Store
Overground Concept Store



by Sara

Sara Dadic The Cosmopolitas

Even though there were many incredible pieces in the store, I knew from the first moment on what I would take. As soon as I laid my eyes on this dress, I knew that this was it. This dress is just… I can’t even describe it, but you know what I mean :). I love black, I love maxi dresses and I love sheer fabric. The extra long sleeves make it even more extravagant. To add some spice to the black elegance, I chose these royal blue heeled boots.

Trends Autumn Winter 2017/2018

Another thing I’m so into right now are belt bags. When you think of a belt bag, your first thought would be probably the sporty bag from the 90’s, but as you can see, the contemporary ones are on a whole new level. They are everything but sporty and tacky. They’re classy, elegant, but cool at the same time.

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Georgian Fashion Designers in Vienna
by Timo

Long Highwaisted Pants and Red Bluse The Cosmopolitas

Oversized and extra-long are probably two of the most used adjectives in my fashion-related articles. Despite the fact I occasionally wear “short and skinny” clothes, I was never very fond of those. I’m the happiest when I wear overlong trousers, extra-large and oversized shirts and the list goes on. Even though there are rules like “never wear wide pants and oversized shirts”, I never got to understand them. In my eyes, fashion is all about feeling good in your clothes and no one should stick to some funny rules. Of course there are pieces that fit to different body types, but shouldn’t we simply try things on and out before we categorically reject them.

Concept Stores in Vienna

My look today is all about mixing my favorite pieces I chose during our visit at the Overground Concept Store. To be honest, way too many pieces have caught my eye. Nevertheless, I somehow had to choose a few only and I’ve created not only a look I feel good in, but also one that could be worn at any occasion. It’s simple, but extravagant in a way. It’s casual and cool, but elegant at the same time.

Georgische Mode erobert Europa und Wien
Designergeschäfte und Boutiquen in Wien The Cosmopolitas
Extravagante Mode in Wien The Cosmopolitas

The blouse is definitely the key piece and such an eye-catcher. Every detail is hand-picked and every garment and pattern is individually created. The pants are a harmonic mixture of traditional Georgian elements and elegant materials…and the accessories… I think the pictures speak for themselves. Both, the ring and the handbag are completely handmade and unique. Definitely pieces that would attract many curious eyes on the streets.

Handgemachter Schmuck in Wien



Trends Herbst Winter 2017/2018

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