Our favorite spots in NYC #Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Those moments, when your heart skips a beat and there comes a realization that you are at the one place you always desired to see.

Brooklyn Bridge

Both of us wanted our NYC trip to be relaxed and not too stuffed with locations we would simply strike from our list. The main idea was to enjoy this city as much as possible and this is why our list was all about those few spots we both desperately wanted to see and enjoy to the fullest. One of those spots was Brooklyn Bridge – one of everyone’s must-sees in NYC and a place you wouldn’t want to miss in this beautiful and versatile city.

Even though Sara has been to NYC before, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn was more than breathtaking for the both of us. We decided unanimously we wanted to get there during the day, take some snacks and drinks and stay at least until the sun sets over the skyline.

New York City Must Do's

Seeing the Brooklyn Bridge during the daylight is incredible, but taking the time to find a good spot to sit, sip some good drinks accompanied with some freshly roasted almonds with your crazy friend is simply priceless. The magical sunset moments on this stunning bridge are indescribable, since the skyline view is just mind-blowing. The weather couldn’t be more perfect-warm enough to simply sit around until late hours and soak up the NYC air, which feels pretty much magical on the Brooklyn Bridge.

And we sticked to our plan not to rush from one place to another in order to see everything that the city has to offer. We were rather soaking up the indescribable vibe of this breathtaking city.

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Finally we had the feeling that all the hard work of the past 2 years to save money for this trip has paid off. And it was one of the best trips ever. <3

Brooklyn Bridge Panorama



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