Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nothing says summer like a perfect summer dress. And a perfect summer dress is a wardrobe staple for every women during the heat.




In summer, you don’t need anything else to wear. You just put the dress on, some accessories and slippers and you are well-dressed. And that is also one of the reasons why I love dresses so much. Long or short, tight or wide, you can do nothing wrong with a dress.

The perfect Summer Dress

But finding the perfekt summer dress isn’t easy at all. I always say, it is important to know what fits to your own style and flatters the body. Shape is the key. For me, the most perfect dress is midi –long, has a fitted top and waist and is loose in the hips. Like this gorgeous yellow dress I’m wearing today.

the perfect summer dress The perfect Summer Dress The perfect Summer Dress The perfect Summer Dress

This dress makes me think of some great places, like Venice and their small and tiny streets that lead to water, or historic port-town Split; Long evenings along the Adriatic seacoast and fragrance and sound of the sea. This dress makes me dream about places I want to visit, like Santorin or Rome. Isn’t it just perfect for such places?

the perfect summer dress

Well, I found my perfect summer dress that has the right length, perfect shape and that matches my own style. Do you already own your perfect summer dress? Or are you still searching?

The perfect Summer Dress


dress: Zara//slipper:H&M//sunnies:Fossil 

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