Favourite Fashion Trends for SS/SS16

Thursday, February 18, 2016

by Kaja

Hey lovelies,

Are you also counting the days till spring? To be honest, I had like to get rid of coats, show my legs and get rid of all the layers of wool. Anyway it will take a time till we get real spring weather. Sara already showed you some of the trends for the S/S16 season, today I want to show you three of my favourite trends and things that I personally want to have.

collage novo

One of my absolute favorites on the list is definitely FLOWER POWER trend! I know, I know, flowers for spring, nothing new, BUT this season we will wear flowers on everything.. dresses, blouses, skirts and trousers.. This season you can wear flower prints with flower prints, and it will look great!

The other trend, that Sara already mentioned and which I can’t wait to try is lingery or nightwear – look. I know, it is not a trend for everyone, and I am also not sure how it  fits  me, but I’m definitely going to try some pieces. Styled with some killer shoes and a great bag, I guess it should look gorgeous.


The third trend is something we have from time to time, but this time it is expected to be a  MEGATREND – the white blouses. Never before we had so much different and versatile cuts and stylings as this season.    The seasonal trend models vary from carmen blouses with wide sleeves and overlong blouses to blouses with cap or overlong sleeves. All of them look really extravagant and are anyway that statement pieces for the spring season.


So guys, that are some of the trends that I absolutely love for this season. In the next months, I m going to show you how to style some of the clothes which I mentioned. And what are your favourite trends for S/S16? Feel free to write us here.


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