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Few days ago you already read some interesting facts about Timo and Sara. Timo promised you a serie of blog posts about us and today is my turn to reveal you some funny facts about me. So let us start:

  1. I was born in Serbia, but my family and I moved to Austria in 2003.
  2. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Transcultural Communication last year.
  3. My favourite colours are white, beige and grey.
  4. I hate pink colour but I love pink flowers. Aaaand once, I had red-pink hair. Don’t ask me why 😀
  5. I absolutely love, love, love coffee. I’ m not starting my day without one. Everyone who knows me, knows also that I’ m not talking to anyone, till I haven’t had a coffee.
  6. My shoe size is 37. And like most girls I am dreaming of a walk –in closet full of shoes. So if anyone want to make my dreams come true.. you know what my size is.
  7. When I was 13 I danced breakdance. Today I can’t make a single move.
  8. To this point,  at that age I wore only baggy jeans, wide shirts, hoodies and of course a ball caps 😀 Then times changed and I found out my love for high heels.
  9. When talking about clothes, I absolutely hate leggings! My opinion is that, leggings should be worn just in the gym and that just a few girls can wear leggings and look gorgeous in them.
  10. The other things  I totally hate are stars, hearts or dots on clothes. Pug –ugly!
  11. And now to one of my biggest dreams: I dream about becoming a fashion designer. I have really nice creations in my mind, but I can’t put nothing on paper least of all to tailor something.
  12. The other dream is to visit New York!
  13. I am a very direct person and I can’t lie.
  14. And I hate my knees.
  15. Two years ago I had an ear plastic surgery.
  16. I would love to have a cosmetic surgery for my lips, but I’ m a little bit scared of the results.
  17. I have one piercing (guess where) but my dream was and still is to have my tongue pierced.
  18. I don’t have any tattoos, but I would like to have a small one. The problem is, I don’t know where 😀
  19. I love to read! The first book that I read was Gone with the Wind written by Margaret Mitchell. I was maybe seven or eight as I read it and it is still my favourite book.
  20. My favourite movie is definitely Fast and the Furious. I watched all parts few times and I’ m still not bored of it.
  21. To this point, I am a passionate driver. I love fast rides, which give me the needed dose of adrenalin.
  22. Huuh, now something about the actors. My favourite actress is Sandra Bullock, I love all her movies. But the hottest man in the movie industry is def. Jason Statham.
  23. The person  I  love the most is my sister.
  24. Favourite food: Cheeeeese 😀 I eat cheese every day and I can’t get enough of it. I could live without meat but not without cheese.
  25. And for the end: I’ m totally afraid of pigeons and grasshoppers.

So these are some facts about me . I hope you had as much fun as I had writting it.  If there’s anything you can relate to as well or if you’ve also written a post on some facts about you, just leave a comment; I would really like to know it.

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