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A few days ago, I stumbled across the blog post from Bits and Bobs by Eva and she definitely inspired me to start a series of blog posts about each one of us. So, let´s start with some facts about me!!How To Wear: Chunky Heel Brogues, Stripes & Floral Patterns

  1. I grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina and moved to Austria in 2010
  2. I finished my bachelor´s degree in Transcultural Communication in 2015
  3. I got married in August 2015
  4. I´m a travel addict
  5. I did a round the world trip back in 2014
  6. My big dream is to sail around the world
  7. My first flight was to Barcelona (in 2012)
  8. My favorite place on earth is island Vis in Croatia
  9. I love trains and my longest train ride was about 8h (from Hong Kong to Shanghai
  10. I love trance (goa) music
  11. I was a big fan of Tokio Hotel back in school days
  12. My favorite song: Have you ever loved a woman by Brian Adams
  13. The best book I´ve read was Rebecca (written by Daphne du Maurier)
  14. I loooove food
  15. I adore coconut and everything that contains coconut
  16. My favorite meal is breakfast and I would never leave my house before having a breakfast and a coffee
  17. I eat looooads of fruits every day
  18. I started eating vegetables with 18 (hated all except carrots and cucumbers before)
  19. I drink at least 2l water per day
  20. I love dark chocolate
  21. I adore avocado
  22. I´m a passionate cook
  23. I would love to have a huge kitchen
  24. I love green smoothies
  25. I laugh a lot
  26. I like being surrounded by positive people
  27. I love sunsets
  28. I´m a cuddle addict
  29. I´m afraid of spiders
  30. I love my teeth
  31. I don´t like my feet and my knees
  32. I have to change my pillow case every second day
  33.  I love playing board games and my favorite ones are Scrabble and Risk
  34. I always analyze people in the metro or on the street
  35. I believe happiness is a choice
  36. I’m passionate about business and marketing
  37. I love red lipsticks
  38. My favorite time of the year is summer
  39. I love wearing clothes without a bra
  40. I´m obsessed with the shoe brand A.S.98
  41. I’m a Virgo so I love to organize things
  42. I can´t have fights, because I always start crying
  43. I hate discussing about politics
  44. I love long bike rides
  45. I love surprises, but it´s very difficult to surprise me
  46. I´m extremely curious
  47. I enjoy making other people happy
  48. I think I´m a good listener
  49. I never remember the names of the movies I saw
  50. I love languages and would love to be fluent in Spanish


Thank you for reading my endless list

Please feel free to leave a link in the comments in case you wrote something similar, I would love to read it ! Andd…stay tuned for the facts about Sara and Kaja


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