Spring Favorites: Floral kimono & brogues

Long Floral Zara Kimono, White Brogues Destroyed Jeans


Spring is almost here and I can´t wait to get rid of my winter clothes and exchange them with my spring favorites. I definitely have 2 pieces I can see me wearing almost every day in the next few months – my floral kimono & light colored brogues.

Kimono With Flower Print Combined with Brogues
1. SPRING FAVORITE: Floral Kimono

Floral Kimono and Long Champ Le Pliage Héritage
Floral Kimono and Intimissimi Bodysuit

If you follow our fashion posts regularly, I´m sure you could see all 3 of us going absolutely crazy about floral prints in the past 6 months. Floral print is one of those trends that made me stop saying things like “I would never wear that” or “God, why is this in fashion again“. Why? Simply because I could learn from my own “mistakes” and I know that I used to say I could never imagine myself wearing floral prints, because I would look like a farm girl. Well, it seems that I could learn a lot about myself and my continuously changing “fashion taste” in the past few years. However, this very springlike looking floral kimono is already one of my favorite spring pieces and I can´t wait to wear it without having to layer a jacket/coat over it. I took my coat off during the photo shoot of course, otherwise I doesn´t show you this beautiful piece I fell in love at first sight. I love the mixture of tiny and big flowers and the velvet trim, which makes the kimono look quite elegant. I styled my kimono with a pair of black jeans and some comfy light colored brogues – another favorite for spring 2017.


White Brogues Spring 2017
Brogues, Black Jeans, Floral Kimono and Long Champ Bag
White Brogues Humanic

I´m well aware of the fact that the brogue-trend is not one of those trends that knock your socks off when you see someone wearing them. However, brogues completely fulfill their major functions – they are chic, comfy and perfectly light for spring/summer days. In the “old days”, I used to wear chucks only, because in my home country (or I should better say “in my home town”), there is no such thing like “spring/summer/fall/winter trends”. Even if you are a fashion-conscious person, there is no way to get your hands on to the newest trend pieces. Even though I still love wearing chucks, I´m really happy to be able to sometimes replace them with some chicer shoes like brogues.

What do you guys think about kimonos? Would you wear them? A few people said to me that my kimono makes me look like I just came out of my bed. However, I still like it and it doesn´t look like a dressing gown to me 😂


jeans: ZARA // bodysuit: INTIMISSIMI* // kimono: ZARA // brogues: HUMANIC* // bag: LONGCHAMP*

Kimono with flower print by The Cosmopolitas, Albertina Museum
Zara Flower Power Kimono
Timo from The Cosmopolitas Fashion Blog
Albertina Museum Wien
Timo from the Cosmopolitas



Ein Food- und reisesüchtiger Mensch, der sich auch mit 28 über kleine Dinge freuen kann: Eine Schoko-Mousse-Torte lässt jede Sorge zumindest kurz verschwinden. Allerdings nur dann, wenn die Schokolade dunkel ist.

Auf “The Cosmopolitas” schreibe ich gerne über alles, was so in meinem Kopf herumschwirrt: Über diverse Gedanken, Essen, Reisen, Mode, und, und, und…
|| Sonst bin ich…
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  1. March 6, 2017 / 3:36 pm

    Die Hose <3 Ich brauch sie auch hahahaha. Dass Kimono und Brogues deine momentanen Favoriten sind, kann ich nur bestätigen! Steht Dir auf jeden Flal super!

    xx, Trixi

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