Sunday, March 5, 2017

Having a baby is probably the most beautiful experience ever! I have got my little prince four months ago and since then I’m the happiest person on earth. Well, I guess most moms feel this way. But, here comes a big BUT! Having a baby is a big deal too, a really, really big deal.

Well, today I want to share with you a very personal issue. Today I want to tell you something, that no one told me and I’m a little bit mad at everyone around me.


When you are pregnant, there is a massive amount of info about what is happening as your belly grows, but little is said about the real challenge – the postpartum recovery. I wish someone had prepared me on this. Therefore, I need to write this down, for me and for you!

Here comes my


Well, I didn’t know anything about my baby. I thought I would know everything what I have to do and be the perfect mom from the first moment on. But the truth is, nobody knows what they are doing and that is okay! Really! I just did my best and that was totally OK! After I told that to my friends who already have kids, they assured me that they have experienced the same. Guuuys why didn’t you tell me that?? I was scared for non reason!



Coming home I thought I would take my baby and go out with him at the first day. Now I laugh about myself! I had not able to sit for few weeks – a stroll with the baby were a true challenge!



This fact is a source of bitter anguish to me: The body changes during the pregnancy and when you deliver your baby it l takes a really long time to get back the weight you had before. Well guys, I thought I would come home, do some exercises and in few weeks have my flat belly back. I was so naiv!  The Baby Fat Won’t Just Roll Off! It is a long and hard process to get into the shape. I know this now and I’m still struggling with my body changes.



Oh this is my favorite fact! And I hate people around me for not telling me anything!! Sleeping was yesterday! Guys I haven’t slept for months! During the night my baby is frequently woke up. So I sleep just few hours each night and that since four months!



This is something no woman wants to talk about. I don’t know why but it is like a shame amoung us. It is only very important to talk about this! Post partum depressions are real! A lot of woman suffer from it but no one wants to admit that! After giving birth to my little boy, I had a harder case of the baby blues. I was tired, lost and I cried every single day for two months! I was too emotional and I had the feeling that I’m so alone. Today I’m okay and happy that this period is so over.

So dear moms, no one can really prepare you on a life with a baby. But it is important to share experiencies and to talk about issues like these. We are not alone. I know that today and I am happy that I can share this with you.

Author Box Kaja Milivojevic

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  • Abi
    March 6, 2017

    Welcome to the motherhood Kaja, having a child 👶🏼 is the highest level of life and the experience worth it…… hugs 🤗 🤗

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