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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Two weeks have passed since we came back from our Mexico-trip, but I simply didn’t make it to share my impressions until now. I decided to divide my travel reports into a few parts, because we have spent 3 weeks in this beautiful country and there is soooo much I have to to share with you. So…let´s start with the last destination on our trip – Puerto Vallarta. Originally, we were planning to go only to Puerto Vallarta, because we were invited to our friend’s wedding. However, after we looked up the flights and the prices, we decided it would be a shame not to spend a few days on the Caribbean side of Mexico as well. That´s how our friend´s wedding led to a 3-week vacation Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto VallartaPuerto Vallarta, Mexico


Puerto Vallarta is a beach resort city situated on the Mexican Pacific coast and it is one of the most popular vacation destinations for the Mexicans, as well as for the Americans. I got the feeling that the majority of all the tourists in Mexico (especially in Cancun) are Americans. You can even pay in dollars almost anywhere . But…let´s get back to Puerto Vallarta J This beautiful city reminded me of Lisbon. I think it’s because of its cobblestone pavements and hilly little streets. Puerto Vallarta is a favourite of tourists looking for an authentic taste of Mexico. Even though the biggest parts of the coast are dominated by all-inclusive resort areas, Puerto Vallarta has an old city at its heart. You can still find loads of boutique-hotels in the famous Zona Romantica, which is also the most beautiful part of the city. I prefer small hotels rather than all-inclusive resorts, but that’s a matter of taste. I simply like to spend some time outside of the hotel and try different restaurants  And talking about food…you wouldn´t want to leave Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, MexicoPuerto Vallarta, MexicoPuerto Vallarta, Mexico


Our hotel was located in the Zona Romantica and to me, this is really the most beautiful and romantic part of the city. Playa de los Muertos is the longest beach and also a place to find the best and most beautiful restaurants. Weather you decide to lay in some of the comfy chairs and enjoy homemade guacamole with tacos and margaritas or want to afford one of those candle-light dinners with fusion food…Playa de los Muertos is a place to go. We made it to 2 different restaurants, El Dorado und La Palapa and were more than delighted with the food, atmosphere and service. However, the service in La Palapa was slightly better and that was the reason why we decided to also try their breakfast. I can only say: yumminess overload with the best sea view you can get. Don´t miss it if you get a chance to visit Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta, MexicoPuerto Vallarta, Mexico


If there is “that one thing” you have to do in Puerto Vallarta, it is definitely to explore the old part of the city. I can highly recommend to spend one whole day walking through the small streets, spending some time in countless little souvenir shops and simply enjoying your lunch in one of the original Mexican taco-bars and chatting with the locals. A lot of the people speak English and they are more than delighted even if you can only say “gracias” . Something else I thought it was a great experience was taking the local bus and driving around the city for a few pesos. The buses are quite rustic, but incredibly cheap and a great way to get around. We noticed that we were the only tourists in the bus and we felt very proud of us for experiencing Mexico in a “Mexican way”. However, one has to be careful when leaving the bus, because they hold only for a few seconds…so if you are not a good “jumper” you should avoid the local busses . Another thing to do in Puerto Vallarta is to simply enjoy sunbathing on the beautiful Playa de los Muertos and sipping some of the yummy & cheap margaritas. It is a must really!

Has anyone of you guys been to Puerto Vallarta? How did you like it?

Puerto Vallarta, MexicoPuerto Vallarta, MexicoPuerto Vallarta, MexicoPuerto Vallarta, MexicoPuerto Vallarta, Mexico

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