Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Last summer, while I was pregnant, I discovered one piece of clothing that can be worn in every possible style – a linen KUKLA.

For all of you guys, who’s been following us for a shorter period of time, KUKLA stands for this versatile piece of clothing which always comes with a clip that can be used to create as many different looks as you want.



Linen Kukla

It is no exaggeration to say that there are countless styling combinations with this fashion item. You can wear it as a vest, a cape, a scarf, a skirt, even a dress – there are no limits to the creativity with this garment. Just clip it how you want to have it!

Last summer, I have showed you a way how to wrap a linen KUKLA to a dress (See here). You may remember that I said I would wear my „pregnancy clothes“ after my pregnancy too.

Well, today I want to show you how to wear a linen KUKLA without a sweet baby ball. I already had the KUKLA as a dress, skirt and vest, therefore I thought it would be interesting to try to wrap it as a top. And look, I made it! This time I wear the KUKLA as a top and it looks great!


For this look I used two clips. One on the inside to hold the top and one on the outside to wrap both sides of the KUKLA.  When it comes to clips, you can choose between 12 different color combinations and you can combine more than one clip to create different looks. Isn’t that great?

Wearing a KUKLA as a top is now one of my favorite ways to wear it. But who knows? With its endless styling combinations, that could change very soon :).


Leinen Kukla

Finally there is the question, where to buy this gorgeous piece of clothing? Just follow the link and you will  be redirected to the online shop! 


How do you like the linen KUKLA as a top? How would you wrap it instead?


*In a friendly cooperation with madame kukla.

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