Where to stay in New York City: The Tuscany – A St Giles hotel

Where to Stay in New York City


Almost a month has passed since our New York trip and we have finally made it to share our impressions from the first hotel we stayed in – The Tuscany – a St Giles Signature Hotel. New York is simply huge and choosing the right hotel wasn´t an easy task. However, we knew we wanted to have a good location to be able to walk to our main points like the 5th avenue, Bryant Park, Grand Central Station etc. Also, it was important to have a few breakfast-possibilities nearby as we wanted to try something new every day.

The Tuscany - A St Giles Hotel Review

Our hotel was on the 39th street and therefore just around the corner from the famous Grand Central Station. This was one of the reasons why we decided to take the metro from the airport to the hotel. The way was pretty straightforward and it took us less than 5 walking minutes to get from the Grand Central Station to the beautifully furnished and inviting lobby of The Tuscany. Our check in was done in about 2 minutes and we were all set up to move into our huge room, which was almost bigger than Timo’s apartment :D. Even though many people tend to say that a hotel isn´t that important, because you only sleep in it while you travel, but the two of us definitely share the same view when it comes to a few important points, because a good hotel DOES make such a difference when it comes to enjoying your trip. In our point of view, a hotel has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The bed has to be comfortable
  • The room needs to be big enough
  • The area must be nice and clean
  • The staff must be friendly
 So, what made the stay at The Tuscany so special for us?


The Tuscany - A St Giles Hotel Review

First of all, it was our spacious and airy room on the 9th floor, which offered us lots of room to spread our wings and enjoy some time in the room as well. This means we had plenty of space to feel comfortable in, a huge bathroom, a small dressing room and two super comfy beds in our room. What we definitely loved most, was the big window front, which provided us with an amazing view over the beautiful New York skyline with the Crysler Building.

The beds were big and super comfy – simply perfect for catching a good sleep after we walked almost 20km every day trying to explore the most of the city. The pillows and the huge duvets made the beds even cozier. Another huge plus was the big bathroom with enough room to store all our beauty and hair products.
The Tuscany - A St Giles Hotel Review
The Tuscany - A St Giles Hotel Review
The Tuscany - A St Giles Hotel Review
The Tuscany - A St Giles Hotel Review


Sara Dadic The Cosmopolitas

The Tuscany is located in Midtown Manhattan, between 2 of the most beautiful avenues in the city – Madison and Park avenue, which was definitely one of our favorite areas. It was simply the perfect pick and provided us with an amazing location to start exploring, as well as many breakfast-cafes nearby to fuel for the day. Its location is one of the best thing about this hotel. Located just around the corner from the Grand Central Station, the location makes wandering through the city as easy as it can get. We only had to leave the main door of the hotel to find ourselves immersed in the area filled with small restaurants as well as supermarkets. Additionally, the famous 5th avenue, which is the main shopping street, was within walking distance. Taken all together, it was definitely a great area to explore.

The Cosmopolitas go to New York City

Where to Stay in New York City

The Cosmopolitas go to New York City

Where you can walk from the hotel:
  • Empire state building
  • Bryant Park (perfect for take-away breakfasts of movie-nights)
  • 5th avenue (shopping, shopping, shopping)
  • Madison Ave (shopping and good restaurants)
  • Grand Central Station (a must see)
In our opinion, The Tuscany is a really good option when it comes to finding a hotel which provides everything you need to experience the real taste of New York City. You simply can’t beat the location. The only thing we were a bit sad about was the fact that you can´t get any breakfast in the hotel itself. However, you could get a cup of free coffee or tea every morning and we realized that none of the hotels we looked up in NYC were offering breakfast. It seems to be “normal” in Europe only; but there is one positive aspect about it. If we had breakfast in our hotel, we would sit there every morning. This way, we discovered many great breakfast spots. In case you have any other questions regarding the hotel or NYC- just let us know!

Where to Stay in New York City
Where to Stay in New York City
Sushi Roxx New York City

A very special thank you goes out to the The Tuscany for welcoming us as guests and making this trip so exciting and fun.

Timo X Sara

The Cosmopolitas
The Cosmopolitas

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