7 ways to style your button-down shirt

Work shirts: we all have tons of them, but how cool can we look wearing them when we are “off duty”? There are sooo many ways you can style your button-down shirt, but let me show you my favorite 7. With a little inspiration (God bless Pinterest!), a button-down shirt can be one of the most versatile pieces in your closet! Long-sleeved, short-sleeved or no sleeves at all, an oversized button-down is a major closet must-have.

Hemdbluse unterschiedlich stylen

Button-Down Look 1: Style it with your favorite belt bag

Belt bags have found their places in our wardrobes again.  I must admit that I am more than a huge fan. I would actually love to have one in every single color and shape. But hey, no space and money for that. 🙂 I think it is simply so cool that we can spice any boring outfit up just by wearing it with a nice belt bag. Let’s take my look as an example: I t would be sooo boring without the belt bag and the jewelry. Don’t you think?

5 Ways To Wear Your Button-Down-Shirt

Button-Down Look 2: Knot your shirt on one side
This one is my favorite way of wearing my oversize shirts during the summer. You can create a unique and super-cool look by simply knotting one side of the front shirttail. Choosing an extra-long shirt can be a good idea, because your look is gonna look even more interesting.

5 Ways To Wear Your Button-Down-Shirt

Button-Down Look 3: Unbutton the end of your shirt
Yes, there is a version with unbuttoning the upper side of your classic button-down shirt (which is also on my list), but how about this version? You can either style it with your “work trousers”, highwaisted jeans or with your fav “business-meets-casual” jogging pants – just like I did.

Street Stye: overknees, lange Bluse, Denim Jacke und Stoffgürtel

Button-Down Look 4: A long shirt with a xxxl belt

A button-down doesn’t necessarily have to have its classical length. The long blouses are just as suitable for any occasion (inducing office), as the “normal” ones are. I quite like the combo with a xxxl belt, because it looks relaxed and stylish. Don’t you think?

It’s also possible to style it with wider belts to highlight the waist a bit more. 

How to style for a Christmas party?

Button-Down Look 5: Unbutton it in a classic way
We all know the times have passed when women “had” to button their shirts all the way to the top. Many websites discussing the best ways to dress for job interviews recommend wearing classic work shirts buttoned all the way to the top, but I think it really depends on the job description. If you apply for a job in a law firm, it might be smart to follow that advice, but for a street style outfit – it´s way too much and it can easily look too snobby! Try unbuttoning a few buttons and you´ll get an effortless and cool look at the same time.

5 Ways To Wear Your Button-Down-Shirt

Button-Down Look 6: All-tucked version
A little unbuttoning can go a long way when it comes to a “work shirt”. Try yours off one shoulder, tucked into your favorite skirt, pants or shorts. It´s probably the most common way of wearing a button-down shirt, but you should leave it “on your shoulders” for meetings…simply to avoid distracting your work colleagues. 🙂

5 Ways To Wear Your Button-Down-Shirt

Button-Down Look 7: The half tuck
This one is for the ones who want to look cool and show their relaxed style. The half-tuck is more of a loose and “undone” look. It also opens up the line of the leg and makes the silhouette appear slimmer. A button-up blouse works just perfectly for this type of tuck.


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