Through my pregnancy part I


As you know, I’ve promised to tell you more about the probably most exciting change in my life –my pregnancy. I want to share this beautiful time with you and I’m going to write in a serie of five posts, more about this completely new phase in my life.

Pregnancy. Where should I start? There are so many things I could tell you, but words fail me. As I said, that is definitely the most beautiful and the most incredible change, I’ve experienced ever. We have accomplished the first half of the pregnancy and we are now in the 23rd week.

Our little sweetie is growing day by day.  He moves and turns somersaults and makes me unbelievable happy with every single movement I feel. This kind of happiness during the pregnancy is something I can’t really explain. There is nothing you can compare with this feeling, it is indescribable. And as always when talking about this feeling, I can’t find the right words.

And guys if you have noticed, I wrote there >he<. I just want to indicate that we are going to have a little boy. Even we are not going to have the next Cosmopolitas successor, we are unbelievably happy about our little man.


As then as we come to know that I’m pregnant, so it is still incredible that we are going to have a baby. Our little family is getting bigger. I see myself in the mirror, I see how my body has changed over the course of time, I feel the little one and I can’t still believe it.  I’ m pregnant and our little boy will be there very soon. And we are happy. I’m incredibly happy and I’cant imagine a life without my little sweetie.

And when it comes to my well-being, I have to say – I feel great! Apart from a “little” life change, permanent tiredness, daily fears and concerns about the baby – I’m fine! Totally great! I‘ve adapted the new chapter in my life and  I will try now to enjoy the second part of the pregnancy. Simply relax and enjoy – that’s my plan for the upcoming months.

And guys if you have any questions about my pregnancy please feel free to ask. I will be very happy to answer every single question you have.


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