Autumn/winter 2018: Getting really wild

How to style animal print?

We have some good news for you: Animal print is taking over for the upcoming fall! Leopards, tigers, zebras and snakes – there are endless options to go wild this fall! Have we awoken your animal instinct? Yes? Then go ahead, you are allowed to go really, really wild!

We first saw animal prints at Victoria Beckham’s show during the NFW. Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and other luxury houses have followed the example and there was a real jungle on the catwalks. But back to the reality and our daily lives: Earlier, animal prints have often walked the line between flashy and luxurious. Today, it is only up to you how you want to look like. There are plenty of fashionable ways to wear this trend and we’ve put together tips to make it easy for you. Keep scrolling for our rules on how to wear animal print every day, on every occasion!

How to wear leopard print?

So, how can you pull off the leo print without looking like you stepped out of the jungle? Well, there is one and only rule when it comes to styling: If you opt for a skirt or a dress in this print, consider the length! Mini lenght is not a good idea. When it’s too short or you have styled it with wrong pieces, you can get a trashy look. And no one wants that, right? 

Animal-Print im Alltag

For the less daring ones: start small. Try shoes in leo print or a belt bag! It’s all about the details! Those who dare, can wear all-over looks, leo pattern mixed with other patterns – as we all know, anything is allowed! Go for it!

How to wear zebra print?

The great alternative to the leo print is the zebra print. It is discreet and monochrome and much easier to style than any other animal print.

Black&White bold stripes can be combined with any other color or pattern. Red, blue or pink – you simply cannot do anything wrong with it.
Zebra pattern can be worn in a elegant or totally casual way. For example: You can wear a skirt in zebra optic with stilettos but also with sneakers. Zebra will also be perfect with casual jeans, feminine dresses or a matching suit.

How to wear snake print?

Alright, snakeskin print is one of the trickiest things to wear. But it’s not a mission impossible. If you are not sure about this trend but you simply have to try it, pair it with the basics. Wear a white shirt with jeans and a belt with snake print or a black slip dress with a polo neck under it. There are plenty of nice pieces with this pattern. Coats, trousers or shoes…and you can play with different styles.

My look of the day is a mix of a leo skirt, logo shirt, black jeans jacket and mules. As I already said, the length is crucial. Therefore, I have by all means stuck to the rule and choose a midi skirt.

How do you like the animal print trend? What’s your fav pattern?

How to wear animal print?



Wie trägt man Leoparden Muster im Alltag?


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