Trend: Wide-leg pants

Have you noticed that things are getting slightly baggier in the pants department of your favorite shop? If not, they are probably trying to get rid of the sale stuff und just about to replace all the skinny’s and straight’s with some wide-leg’s. I’m sure you guys have already noticed how crazy I am about oversized stuff and it’s not a big surprise seeing me go crazy for the wide-leg trend. There is almost no need to tell you how excited I was when I saw these pants as a part of Diesel Spring/Summer  ’17 collection. I went all nuts and had to have them.

Diesel Spring Summer 17: Wide-Leg Pants
TREND: Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-leg is certainly a trend we remember from the past decades, though it’s been “removed” from the streets and runways to be replaced with skinny jeans and slim pixie pants in recent years. In my opinion, “wide-leg’s” are a great addition to our “skinny wardrobes” but also a perfect trend for spring/summer. So, why not take spring as an opportunity to give our legs some breathing room? And why not try and translate a runway trend into an eye-catching street-style trend?

Diesel Spring Summer 17: Wide-Leg Pants

One of the great things about oversized pants is that they come in a huge variety of colors, textures & styles, making them a perfect choice for very different events & occasions. For easy styling and a longer silhouette, simply opt for a high-waisted pair, but don’t limit yourself to the unwritten “rule” saying you must pair it with a skinny top. There are so many ways to style your wide-leg – don’t get stuck with those rules that are meant to be broken. ?

MY CHOICE: School-Girl Look // Diesel Spring/Summer  ’17

I know there are tons of ways to style wide-leg pants in a more feminine way, but hey! – who’s ever said that women always must look extremely “feminine”. And, who else should define what feminine is, if not women their selves? Even though my look has a touch of a typical school girl-look, the combo with a long button down shirt and a cropped sweater looks quite edgy and “very” grown-up. It’s extremely comfy and works perfectly for any daytime occasion. It should come as no surprise that I went for neutrals like navy, black & gray again. But hey…these are all over Diesel Spring/Summer  ’17 which gives me an extra reason to go crazy about every single piece.

How do you guys like my combo? How about the wide-leg trend? Would you wear it? Let me know in the comments bellow.



Diesel Spring Summer 17: Wide-Leg Pants
Diesel Spring Summer 17: Wide-Leg Pants


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  1. January 20, 2017 / 5:50 pm

    Irgendwie ist das so eine Art Hassliebe bei mir bezüglich der Wide-Leg-Trousers… Auf der einen Seite mag ich sie ja unglaublich, auf der anderen Seite finde ich, dass sie mir nicht so stehen und ich irgendwie witzig darin aussehe.. hm.. Deine Kombi ist echt gelungen und steht dir wunderbar!! Vielleicht traue ich mich ja wiedermal drüber 😉


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