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Less is more – this rule also applies when it comes to beauty. There is one certain beauty look which has been pretty popular in the last few months and we are huge fans as well – the nude, aka no-makeup look. For this look, you’ll give up any unnecessary products because you want to have a natural looking glow á la – I woke up like this. 🙂


Since the flawless, natural looking complexion is the main point of a no-makeup look, the most important product for this look is certainly the foundation. That’s why it is crucial for the foundation to match exactly your skin tone as well as your undertone. A total no-go would be a foundation that is too strong or darker than your own skin tone. In order to help you find your own perfect foundation tone, there is a new app  called Shade Genius App by L’OrĂ©al Paris. To use it, you just need to install the app and get a color card at every L’Ă“real Paris counter.

How does it work? Very easy! You open the app, put the color card on yout forehead and take a picture in the app. After this, the app figures out your skin tone and finds your matching foundation tone.

Shade Genius App von L'Oréal Paris Shade Genius App von L'Oréal Paris

We’ll show you how you can get a flawless no-makeup look pretty easily. 🙂

No-Makeup Look by Kaja (medium skin ton with a warm undertone)

That’s how I master the no makeup look:


1. Perfect Match Concealer 2.N VANILLE

After preparing my skin with a moisturizer, I conceal any blemishes and under-eye circles with a concealer, which I use again in step 4.

2. Perfect Match Make-up 2.N VANILLA

It is really important to choose the right foundation  to make the skin look naturally. When it comes to my skin, I have to  be very careful, because I tend to get a pale looking skin, when I use the wrong color. To avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong foundation, I tried out the Shade Genius App, which suggested me the Perfect Match Make-up 2.N VANILLA. Well, it turned out that the color is just perfectly matching with my skin tone.

Another tip from me: Do not apply the foundation over the whole face. Apply it just there where it’s really needed. So it doesn´t feel like a mask.

3. Perfect Match Minerals Matting Powder

Well, my skin gets shiny all the time, so I use the Perfect Match Minerals matting powder. It fixes the foundation and ensures a perfect complexion with natural radiance. I apply this with the kabuki brush, but only on my forehead, nose and chin. The powder is like a blotting paper for shiny skin.

Perfect Match L’Oréal Paris

4. Perfect Match Concealer 2.N VANILLA

Now is time to use  concealer again. Apply it under the eyes, on your nose and chin. Concealer gives a kick of pleasant freshness whenever you need it! But beware: apply it very sparingly!

5. Perfect Match Blush 120 SANDALWOOD PINK

The no makeup- look is all about naturalness and freshness, so you have to forget everything you know about contouring! I’ve applied just a small amount of blush to the apples of the cheeks. I used the Perfect Match Blush 120 SANDALWOOD.

Nude Look

6. Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara

In this last but one step, I’ m defining my eyes. Defined lashes are essential, even for a no-makeup look. So I apply just mascara. Well, not any mascara, but THE best mascara I had had in years! This mascara creates impressive length and volume and a powerful curling effect, for an expressive look. Just perfect for me!

7. Color Riche Lipliner Couture 630 BEIGE á NU + Color Riche Matte BLUSH IN A RUSH

And finally, last step – the lips. Firstly, I use the lipliner in the color Beige á Nu to enhance my thin lips. And to get a perfect finish, I use a matte lipstick in color blush in a rush.

Well, that are all steps for my no makeup make up look!

No-Makeup Look by Sara (very fair complexion with a cool undertone)

For my no-makeup look I am using the following products:


1. Perfect Match Make-Up 1C ROSE IVORY

Since I’ve got a very fair complexion with a cool undertone, it is very important for me not to use a foundation that with a warm undertone. Since I’ve never used the Shade Genius App before, I wanted to try it, just to see what foundation it would recommend for me. I got the 1C Rose Ivory foundation and it is just perfect for my skin tone as you can see :).

2. Perfect Match Concealer 1C ROSE IVORY

I use the concealer around my eyes, to cover dark circles, but I apply it after the foundation, not before.

Perfect Match Concealer3.Perfect Match Minerals Foundation 1C ROSE IVORY

Since I’ve got an oily t-zone, I use a loose mineral powder in order to mattify it and set the make up. This time I used the Perfect Match Minerals Foundation 1C ROSE IVORY  which is color-coordinated with the foundation.

4. Perfect Match Blush 120 SANDALWOOD PINK

Even though I love contouring my face, in the no-makeup look I’m skipping this step because it has to look as natural as possible. Hence I use only a blush in order to accentuate my cheek bones and to get a fresh look.

5. Brow Artist Designer 301 DELICATE BLONDE

For my eyebrows I use the Brow Artist Designer Stift in 301 DELICATE BLONDE.

6.  Color Riche La Palette 02 NUDE BEIGE

When you think of a no-makeup look, you probably expect to use as few products as possible. However it is not about using few products, but to get a flawless, but at the same time natural looking result. That’s why I don’t skip eyeshadow, but use natural colors in order to accentuate my eyes without looking heavily made-up. For the natural look I’m using the Eyeshadow palette Color Riche La Palette 02 NUDE BEIGE.

7. Paradise Extatic Maskara

The lashes should never be clumped. For quite a while now I’ve been using the Paradise Extatic Maskara, which gives my lashes an incredible volume and makes them look longer without clumping them. If you’re watching our Instagram stories, you may have seen my before – after video. The result is just increbible.

8. Infaillible Sexy Balm 103 As If!

To finalize the whole look, you need of course a pop of color on your lips :). I love nude lipsticks and they are just perfect for this look. However, this time I wanted to try the, which is a colored lip balm. I used the share 103 As If! and it is just beautiful. It hydrates your lips and gives them a beautiful glow and touch of natrual looking pink color.

No Make- up Look by Timo (fair complexion with a warm undertone)

For my no-makeup look I am using the following products:


1. Perfect Match Make-up 3.N CREME BEIGE

I’ve got a fair complexion with a warm undertone and it´s never easy to find the perfect foundation for my skin tone. This time, I used the Shade Genius App to find my perfect shade which is 3.N Creme Beige. Due to the fact that my skin tone always gets darker during the summer, I have to apply a darker tone during the summer months. For my no makeup look, I’ve applied the fluid foundation on the whole face and one extra portion on the nose, because my nose tends to get red on cold days. Hate it btw. 🙂

2. Perfect Match Minerals Foundation 3.N CREME BEIGE

In the second step, its important to mattify the T-Zone with a mineral powder. I used the same tone as for my fluid foundation.

No Make-Up Look

 3. Perfect Match Concealer 1C ROSE IVORY

In the third step, it’s important to cover dark circles around the eyes and if necessary, some pimples as well. You have to make sure to use a lighter tone for this step, because using a concealer, you’ll get your face looking fresh.

4. Perfect Match Blush 120 SANDALWOOD PINK

In the old days, I always thought that using a blush is unnecessary. However, I couldn’t imagine leaving my hose anymore before applying a blush on my cheeks. The face looks simply fresher and healthier with a little blush on it. Don’t you think so?

5. Brow Artist Designer 301 DELICATE BLONDE

Now it’s time to shape the eyebrows and use the right shade which is not much darker than your hair color. For my look, I’ve used the Brow Artist Designer Pen in 301 DELICATE BLONDE.

6. Color Riche La Palette 02 NUDE BEIGE

When it comes to using shades for the no-makeup look, I like to stick to neutrals that have a specific warmth to freshen up the face and make the whole look a little more “sun-kissed”. For my look, I used 2 different shades: a light beige and a light brown tone for a natural look.

No Make-Up

One of the last steps is the mascara. In my opinion, a good mascara is the most important beauty item. Mascara gives our eyes that little bit of the WOW effect and makes you feel like a drama queen. And the difference between not wearing mascara and wearing mascara is anything but subtle.

7. L’OrĂ©al Paris Color Riche Lippen Palette

In the very last step, it’s all about the lips. I would always opt for a red lipstick, but for the no makeup look, I used a very light nude tone to simply get some glow on my lips. How do you like my look?

No-makeup makeup isn’t going away anytime soon and we are more than happy about that. We simply love it. How about you guys? 🙂

No Make-Up Look



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