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PPL Workout Plan

Recently I’ve decided to change my focus on Instagram and now I’m sharing my workout routine more often with you. Ever since then, I’m often being asked questions such as: How do you work out exactly? Which exercises do you prefer? How often do you work out? And much more… With the beginning of this year, I’ve got more active when it comes to fitness and I work out up to 6 times a week. I’ve become much more interested in this whole topic, I inform myself much about it and consult pros. With the help of some experts, at the beginning of April, I’ve finally got my workout plan, which I want to share with you today – the whole plan and all exercises :).

I stick to a 3-day split workout plan (also called push – pull – legs or PPL) with an extra cardio-day, but I will change the particular exercises every 12 weeks. Generally it is recommended to change (not the workout routine), but the single exercises every 9 – 12 weeks, because the muscles get used to the movements, which may lead to the problem that you can’t see any more progress after some time. The workout plan I’m sharing with you today is my plan for the period of 12 weeks (beginning with 1. April 2018).

So, if you want to know what is understood by a 3-day split and have an exact workout plan, then keep reading :).

The 3-Day Split (Push – Pull – Legs)

In the past, I’ve been doing a 2-day split where you split your workout into an upper-body-day and a lower-body day. For me personally it didn’t work that well since I had way too many exercises on one day and the training sessions lasted way to long. Srry, but I don’t have the time to spent 2 – 3 hours at the gym :D. Eventually, I talked to a trainer who advised me to do a 3-day split. After that I informed myself much about that workout routine and I totally loved it. Now I stick to it and I’m as motivated as never before :).

Now if you’re still asking yourself: “What is this push-pull-legs routine?”, then let me explain :).

What Is a 3-Day Split (Push – Pull – Legs) And How Does It Work?

Der push – pull – legs routine has been one of the most popular workout routines for decades now; And now I totally understand why. The 3-day split divides your muscle groups into 3 workouts:

  1. Push 
    – Chest, shoulders, triceps
    3er Split (Push Pull Beine) Workout Plan Übungen
  2. Pull 
    – Back, Biceps
    3er Split (Push Pull Beine) Workout Plan Übungen
  3. Legs

    3er Split (Push Pull Beine) Workout Plan Übungen

As you can see, each day you train different muscle groups. On the push-day you train the muscles which are targeted with pushing motions, then pulling motions and the third day is for the legs.

And What About The Abs?

The abs are being trained every second day – this means: on the push-day and on the leg-day. I’ve been advised never to train my abs the same day I train my back (that means on the pull-day).

How Often Do I Work Out?

In my workout plan I don’t focus on a whole week. That means I don’t have a Monday – Sunday plan, and here is why:

Monday: Cardio

Tuesday: Push

Wednesday: Pull

Thursday: Legs

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Cardio

Sunday: Push…

And the next week begins differently than the previous one. That’s why a weekly-plan doesn’t work out. 🙂

In my case, I train 4 days in a row, then take a rest day and then I start from the beginning. However, if you don’t want to work out that often, you can make a weekly plan if you want to, for example like this:

Monday: Cardio

Tuesday: Push

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Pull

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: Rest Day

Now you can start the next week the same way as the previous one and you have a full weekly plan.

Now Here’s My Whole Push-Pull-Legs Workout Plan

Push (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps) + Abs

Push Day Workout Plan

Pull (Back, Rear Delts, Biceps)

Pull Day Workout Plan

Legs + Abs

Workout Plan Leg Day

If there are certain exercises you don’t know, then I can highly recommend this website, where you can see plenty of exercises for all muscle groups all explained. Also if there are any exercises in my plan you don’t like, here you can find alternative exercises. For example, if you don’t like doing back squats, you can replace the exercise with kettlebell squats.

I really hope you like this article :). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me <3.


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