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How to wear cowboy boots The Cosmopolitas

I have to admit I never wore a pair of cowboy boots in my whole life before this photo shoot. I never found anything about cowboy boots especially appealing, but there is definitely some truth in the old quote “never say no to anything”. My experience tells me that, very often in life, we get to do things we thought we would never do and we definitely get to wear clothes/shoes we thought we would despise for the rest of our lives. 🙂

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Trend: Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are definitely not a completely new trend. I used to laugh at my brother because he was a huge fan back in the ’90s. Back then, I thought a pair of shoes couldn’t look uglier, but I guess I came to the point where I get to like them. My brother might as well laugh at me now because he would definitely never wear them again. Or he might consider himself as a trendsetter. 🙂

I just always thought cowboy boots only looked good on line-dancers, but there is something about them and their Western bohemian vibe. They really go well with all the hippie festivals, but also work for boho street styles. Cowboy boots are incredibly versatile, and they work well with skinny trousers, skirts and dresses at the same time. However, I have to admits the old rule still applies: You either like it or loathe it. 🙂

Western Boots Trend FW18 How to wear
Cowboystiefel tragen
Wie trägt man Cowboystiefel

Cowboy boots & ruffles

The picture I usually have in my head when I think of cowboy boots is the typical combo consistent of flared jeans and a checked shirt. I can definitely say it is not the way I would ever style them, but I guess it is one of the “original ways” to style cowboy boots.

The way I “dare” to wear them is more girly and playful. At least I would call it that way. Pairing a pair of ankle western boots with a ruffled mini dress is somehow ideal for warmer days and looks quite casual. For the evenings, a cool leather jacket can do the magic and keep us warm & polished at the same time.

Shoe Trends Fall Winter 2018
Cowboy boots paired with dresses
Classic black cowboy boots




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  1. June 10, 2018 / 3:27 pm

    Wow die Boots vor der Karussell-Kulisse sind der absolute Knaller!! Richtig cooles Setting 🙂

    Happy sunday ♥


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