Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Transparent clothes exposing our finest underwear or simply naked skin seem to be en vogue at the moment. Transparency as a trend is not completely new. However, it appears to be more liberal than ever before. At the moment, stores are filled with see-through garments like dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers and everybody is going crazy about it. Especially because its summer and we all feel more comfortable to show a bit more skin. Anyways, wearing hardly any clothing at all or some of those leaving lots of room for imagination is definitely one of the hottest trends so far. The question is: can we really wear it on a daily basis?


Transparency and dots trendHose mit Punktemuster und transparente BluseAll over dots look

How To Style Transparency?

Transparency is not the easiest trend to style and make it look “right”. The designers went absolutely crazy about it and we could all see the results on the runways. Models wearing either a lot of transparency or almost nothing at all showed us once again how unreal some trends can be presented. Even though we quite fancy the trend, there is no way we would wear some of those pieces from the fashion shows. Let´s be honest: Can anyone imagine going to the office with some lace underwear and a transparent scarf-dress “covering it”? We definitely can´t! It would be like walking around half-naked and simply a bit strange in our eyes.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we can’t make transparency wearable in our “everyday lives”. The key here is to invest in maximum-coverage lingerie or transparent pieces without the “in-your-face” effect. We are of course very welcome to appear sexy but never trashy or vulgar. When it comes to the evening wear, we can go a step forward and show a little bit more skin compared to our office appearance. For example: Wearing a nice elegant lace bra under a black transparent blouse is totally ok! And…super hotness is guaranteed!Transparenz Trend im Büro tragenPunktemuster im Trend

Our Transparent Looks

We were invited to a brunch 3 days ago to one of our favorite patisseries “Creme de la Creme ” in Vienna and we decided to use the opportunity and take some pictures as well. Our idea was to wear (almost) exactly the same clothes and show you how cool twinning can be. 🙂 We have soooo many identical clothes and these dotted trousers and the transparent blouses are just a few examples. The blouses are subtly transparent and perfect for simple daily looks – exactly the way we like it.

Our motto with transparency is: More is definitely more?! The same goes for dots. We are both going nuts about anything with dots. 😀Timo & Kaja The Cosmopolitas

What do you think avout transparency? How would you style this trend?


Kaja & Timo

Punktemusterbluse im Trend

Punktemuster und Trasnsparenztrend

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