10 things you don’t know about me

It’s been a while since I shared some random facts about me on our blog. I  love to read that kind of articles about others, so I decided to put some facts about me together, so you can get to know me a bit more and maybe you could recognize yourself in some of the facts. Let’s get started:

1. My secret dream is to retire in a sunny place where I will have a little house close to the sea. A Greek island or a Croatian one would be at the top of my list!

2. My second dream is to live once in Toscana, make my own white wine and drink it all day long… So, I guess, that I need two lives to get all that done. 😀

3. I “separate” food. For example, when something has a filling like Oreo cookies, I have to eat one side first, then the cream and then the second side. & I do just the same with any other treats. 🙂

4. Talking about food, I have a special method when I eat chips. I start with folded-up ones, then I eat the burned ones and then the rest.

5. My fav color is yellow. When I lived in my parents’ apartment, my room had to be yellow. 😀 Now I have a new phase in my life and I keep buying yellow dresses.

6. I talk to myself. Very often, even when I’m surrounded by other people. Weirdooo!

7. I had a different name when I was born. This was due to a specific tradition in Serbia, where your godparents give you a name. This is why I was called Dunja for the first couple of  days of my life. My mom hated the name, so they had to give me a new one & this is how I became Katarina. Btw, I hate the name “Dunja”, so I’m very thankful to my mom for changing my name. You go mommy!

8. Now allow me to tell you another little secret: My husband and I used to drive races back when we were “younger”. Now we have our little one and we’ve given up our passion. Sometimes I really miss it, but our baby comes first, so it’s just fine the way it is now.

9. I’m just not a morning person and I don’t like mornings – not at all.  The funny thing is that I’m super slow in the mornings and I’m absolutely not productive. I’m a great admirer of people who wake up and are immediately able to do yoga or something like that-I need an hour to get to know my own name!

10. I’m very good in nail design and I learned it all by myself. No lie! You need gel nails? I can make them shine 😀 You want a flower, a star, a palm or something completely different on your nails? I can do it. 🙂

Well, there ya have it! Hope this was fun to read. I am a little bit of everything.

I’d like to get to know you better too! Tell me some random fact about yourself!  


Eine Full-Time Mama von zwei Jungs, leidenschaftliche Kaffeegenießerin und eine Fashion-Begeisterte – das bin ich.
Meine größte Passion: Schnäppchen shoppen und Outfits nach Lust und Laune zusammenstellen.
Mein Motto: Den Trends niemals nachlaufen, denn diese sind kurzlebig, ein guter Stil dagegen ist unvergänglich.

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