Corduroy: The key fabric of the season

Wie kombiniert man Cord?

This season corduroy is having his big comeback after a really long period on the outs. Earlier, this cozy fabric was only considered pretty for children, teachers or retirees – for us, it was something we wouldn’t wear. Anyway, thanks to the fashion word, being famous for loving big revivals, corduroy has found its place on the world´s biggest catwalks and in our daily lives.

Exactly 20 years have passed, since I wore my first corduroy piece of clothing. My mom bought me some ugly brown corduroy trousers and forced me to wear them. I didn’t like them at all, but as my mom was in charge of things, I had no choice. I mean, I was 7 years old, what did I know about fashion – that was her usual statement. But let me tell you guys, I´ve always had a good sense for fashion.

Today, 20 years later, I find myself standingin a shop and looking at all these corduroy pieces and I´m impressed. All these pieces bring back floods of childhood memories and the only thing I can think of: You must be joking. And the next moment, I’m standing in the fitting room and trying different corduroy clothes on…

Of course, corduroy is not the same corduroy we had in the 80s or 90s. Today, this soft fabric comes in different colors, shapes and styling possibilities, which has already made it famous in the whole world.

How to style corduroy?

Well, corduroyis basically the better alternative for denim. This is why you can wear basically everything made out of corduroy. Jackets, skirts, trousers, dresses – you name it. The good thing is that corduroy is so versatile and you can find it in every color and style imaginable. Your only problem is going to be what to wear and not how to wear it. Especially popular are all over corduroy looks. But you can also wear only one corduroy piece and look great in it. A jacket or blazer with a pair of jeansor a cozy sweater with a skirt — everything can look very stylish. However,  you need to pay attention: Corduroy is not necessarily figure-flattering. 

How do you style corduroy? Do you have your favorite piece?




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