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How to do Cable Kickbacks


Ever since I’ve started working out, somehow I’ve mostly focused on my glutes. I just wanted to build that booty (which I didn’t have at that time :D) and I started doing butt-lifting exercises like crazy :D. Literally every other day! I’ve been pretty much neglecting other muscle groups (especially on the arms), which changed in the meanwhile and for quite some time now I’ve been diligently doing exercises for the whole body 😀

However, the leg day and especially the glute workout is still my favorite workout. I’ve tried dozens of exercises, changed the workout plans, but over time I’ve developed a certain love for special exercises which have turned out to be the most effective for me and today I want to share them with you. Now here are my top 5 butt-shaping exercises you must include into your workout if you want to build that booty!!!

1. Jumping Squats

Before doing exercises with weights, I love to start my workout with bodyweight exercises. I do some regular squats, sumo-squats, lunges and jumping squats. Jumping squats, however, are definitely my favorite ones because they’re really intense and they’re a great endurance exercise.

How to:

How to do Jumping Squats
Die besten Poübungen für einen knackigen Hintern

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the tension in your core, then go into the squat position. Place your hands in front of you. Then jump, bringing your hands back. In the air, your body should be straight and you have to keep the tension in your core. Than come back to the squat position.

2. Deadlifts

The deadlift is one of the basic and most important exercises. That’s why you must implement it into your workout :).

How to:

How to do a deadlift

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your hands  also shoulder-width apart onto the barbell. Keep the tension in your core, making sure your back is flat. Pull up the barbell, but keep in mind that the movement has to come from your hips, not your legs and do not pull the barbell with your arms. The barbell is just hanging. Remember: you’re not training your arm muscles here. When you’re up and standing, make sure to stand straight and keep the tension in your core. Then bring the barbell slowly back down. The barbell must be in contact with your legs the whole movement.

3. Back Squats

A leg day or a booty workout without back squats? Unimaginable! Back squats are also a basic exercise you must include in your workout.

How to:

Back Squat How to Do
The best butt-building exercises
Squat mit Langhantel richtig ausführen

First you must take the barbell out of the rack. In order to do it, go with your shoulders under it so that the barbell is resting on your rear shoulder muscles. For this, you must keep the tension in your rear shoulder muscles. Then stand up, holding the barbell on your shoulders. Take 2 steps back and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing out. Keep the tension in your core, then go into the squat position as if you’re aiming for a chair. You must keep your weight on your heels, not your toes. Keep your chest up and then go back up.

4. Kettlebell Sumo Squats

The sumo squat is an exercise which doesn’t only train your glutes, but your inner thighs as well. Similar to the deadlift, when doing the kettlebell sumo squats, you lift the weights with your glutes and not your arms.

How to:

How to do Kettlebell Squats
The 5 Best Glute-Exercizes to build a booty
Kettlebell Squats richtige Ausführung



* PR Sample 

For this one, use 2 steppers. They’ll help you so that you can go into a deep squat. Stand with your legs more than shoulder apart, toes pointing out. Go into a squat position, place your hands onto the kettlebell. Keep your back straight then stand up, lifting the weight with your glutes. Go back into the squat position and repeat.

5. Cable Kickbacks

Unlike the squat and deadlift, the cable kickback is not an exercise which activates and trains several muscles. This one is isolating the glute muscle and therefore trains only the glute muscle. Another benefit of the cable kickback is that the resistance provided by the cable is constant throughout the movement and there is no resting point.

How to:

How to do Cable Kickbacks
Cable Kickbacks richtig ausführen
The best butt exercizes

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Attach an ankle strap to the bottom of the cable machine and around your ankle. Take one step back from the machine, so that the weights are lifted a bit. Hold on to the machine. Start by bending your knee up to your chest, then lower your leg and push it behind you until your hip is fully extended. After a certain amount of repetitions, switch legs.

Now these are my favorite exercises for the glutes. If you do them regularly, then I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll lift that booty :).

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