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The best Beaches in Mallorca

Honestly… Mallorca has never been on my bucket list of places I have to see in my lifetime. Probably because of the, let’s say “bad reputation” of the island. When you think of Mallorca, you probably think of the notorious “Ballermann 6”, beer, parties and so on and so on… However, this year I had no plan for the vacation, but I needed some vitamin sea so badly. That’s when Mallorca came into question.

Now, after my vacation on this island, I’m asking myself… Why didn’t I visit it sooner? Now, please, forget about all the negative things you’ve heard and let me take you to a short trip to this beautiful island! Now, here are my tips, recommendations, must do’s and don’ts for Mallorca.


1. Rent a Car and Explore the Beaches Around the Island

Die schönsten Strände Mallorcas

Mallorca offers so many beautiful beaches – from wide, sandy beaches to hidden bays. That’s why it would be a great pity to stay at one beach all the time. I have to admit, I’m usually the jovial person who loves to go out of the hotel and to lie on the beach the whole day. However, as I read some tips for Mallorca, I noticed that there are many beaches around the island that have to be explored. That’s why I decided to do it differently this time and explore the island instead. A rental car costs about € 250,- for 6 days incl. insurance. If you share it with one or more people, it’s really not expencive and above all – it’s worth every penny :).

2. Old Town Palma de Mallorca

Travel Guide Old Town Palma de Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca travel tips
What to Do in Old Town Palma de Mallorca
Altstadt Mallorca Tipps
Altstadt Palma de Mallorca Reisetipps
Old Town Palma de Mallorca what to do

Our hotel was located at Playa de Palma and I thought the old town was not that far away and we could reach it by feet. However, we had to drive about 15 minutes by car. I was really impressed and surprised by the beauty of the city. I really didn’t expect it. The small streets are too cute and the architecture really breathtaking. I would recommend parking the car near the cathedral, explore the area by feet and for the end of the day indulge in a glass of wine and some tapas in one of the countless tapas restaurants.

3. Playa de Muro

The most beautiful Beaches in Mallorca
The best Beaches in Mallorca

Playa de Muro is also on the top of every list when it comes to beaches in Mallorca – with good reason. It is an endless sandy beach, wit crystal clear water. Also it is really convenient for families since there are many shopping and eating options.

4. Calo des Moro

As I read about the most beautiful beaches, Cal des Moro was also on top of every list. However, I learned that it was not that easily approachable, but you have to walk for about 30 minutes from the parking place to the beach; And at a temperature of nearly 40° I didn’t really feel like doing it. But why did we end up visiting it anyway? Well, that was rather by accident. We were on our way to another beach, however, there was no parking lot available. On the way there however, we noticed the sign for Calo des Moro and decided to go there instead.

However, we forgot that this was the particular beach we had to walk so long to. So, we took our beach-stuff from the car and walked through a settlement… until we reached the end of the street. We looked around and didn’t know what to do until… some people came out of the woods. We asked them how we could get to the beach and well… they told us – through the woods. Well then… after a 5-minute-walk we reached the end of the woods and came to rocky cliffs. We saw the beach in the distance.l The question was: ” To return or go further?” Since we already walked for about 20 minutes, we didn’t want to return. After 10 minutes we finally reached it – the paradise on earth. One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen! It was totally woth it!

5. Eating Paella and Tapas

When visiting Mallorca, there are 2 things you must do (or eat :D): paella and tapas!

I’ve tried about 10 different restaurants and here are my favorites:

El Chiringuito Beach House, Playa de Palma
The best restaurants in Mallorca

One of the cutest restaurants I’ve ever been to – white chairs and tables, lampions hanging from the ceilings – too cute. I had the paella here and it was too delicious! The cocktails are also highly recommended!

EMEGÉ, Playa de Palma

Die besten Restaurants in Mallorca

EMEGÈ is a pretty fine dining restaurant, but totally affordable. The dishes are incredibly delicious!

What I didn’t like

There was one particular place I found on every list and that’s why I wanted to see that one first.

Es Trenc

The best Beaches in Mallorca

Allegedly the most beautiful beach in Mallorca – well, maybe off-season. I was totally disappointed because it was so crowded you couldn’t see the beach at all. Usually I’m the type of person who locves beaches where many people go. I’m not the one who looks for hidden beaches with no people, but this one was even to me too much. I couldn’t take one picture of the beach because all you would see are the sunshades. However, I managed to take a few snapshots on a hill near the beach.

So if you plan on visiting Mallorca, I’d recommend to skip this one :).

Die schönsten Strände Mallorcas

I hope my tips will be of help to you for your next trip to Mallorca. Have you already been there? If yes, what are your favorite places?


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