Fall trends 2018 you should start wearing right now

How to wear: checks head to toe

Fashion weeks and at the same time the shows presenting THE trends for SS 2019 have already started all over the world. Our viennese fashion week has also started a few days ago. However, at the moment, it would be a bit bizzare to write about those trends having fall and winter coming our way in Vienna. This is why we have picked out our favorite fall trends you can and should start wearing immediately. Also, we are showing you how to style some trends in different ways, yey!

Our favorite trends for this fall

  • Hot Pink
  • Scarf Print
  • Checks
  • Colorful Shades
  • Animal Print
  • Red Pear

Hot pink by Timo

Colors, colors, colors: some of the screaming and loud ones were all over the runways in NYC and Milan. One of them – which is at the same time our favorite – was pink. Either in the very loud finish like the cropped-sweater-version or more in the baby-pink-tendency like the matching-suit-combo.



Scarf Print by Kaja

The typical grandma’s scarf print Kaja showed you in her recent blog post is also one of our major favorites for this fall. It is more or less a new interpretation of the well known retro scarves we all know from the wardrobe of our grandmas. In this season, you can spot the print on dresses, skirts, jackets and even pants.


Checks by Sara & Timo

Who doesn’t love checks? Right, there is no such person! We’ve been huge fans over the past few years and keep calling it a trend for seasons. Definitely one of those classic prints we should never ban from our closets.

Animal Print by Kaja

The animal print is back babes! The stores are full of leopard and snake prints. Especially the leopard print is huge this fall. The animal print has a certain touch of elegance, sex appeal and self-confidence. If the clothing pieces are too much for you, why not try a small accessory like a tiny belt bag?

Colorful Shades by Sara

As you may have noticed, the upcoming fall is very color-oriented. The majority of the trends to follow are all about different colors. The tinted lenses in crazily beautiful pastels from pink and burnt orange, to the light blue and yellow hues are all over streets, magazines and social media. & now in Sara´s collection as well!

Red pear by Kaja

The Red Pear is one of those typical fall colors that spread some kind of specific warmth and seductiveness. Red Pear leans toward the burgundy and appears incredibly elegant. Especially when paired with some golden jewelry, red pear achieves a sense of luxury.  

How about you guys? Any favorites?

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