Fashion trends fall 2018: Checks

Modetrends Herbst 2018: Karotrend richtig kombinieren

Do you still remember our blog post from the least week featuring our favorite trends for this fall season? If not, make sure to check it out here, because checks – which are our key focus in today’s blog post- are just one of them. As you all know for sure, checks are one of those trends you don’t need a “special gut” to wear. You know what we mean, right? There are trends you simply feel brave enough to wear… and then, there are those trends you try to follow, get some pieces and quickly realize you feel so uncomfortable wearing them in public. We are sure you’ve all had that moment “Oh, can’t wait to come home, take these clothes down and put my normal clothes on again”. Well, that’s something that can’t happen with checks. Let us show you why.

Vienna is different… when it comes to trends

We love experimenting with clothes and trends. However, there are many days in a single month or a year we don’t feel like it. We don’t feel like having “all” the Viennese people staring at us as if we were aliens. You don’t know what we mean? Try to wear something “different” in Vienna, put a red lipstick on and take a ride with any metro line a bit further away from the inner districts. Yap, you’re gonna be stared at and it can be fun many times, but also very disturbing on those days you just want to get home from work completely unnoticed. Ladies, you know what we mean by that.

Lucky us, there is this one specific trend, which is en vogue enough to match the needs on some of those days and is suitable for the “go stare at me” days. Checks work for both. Let us show you our combos & its up to you to decide when/if you would style checks in a similar way.

Checks by Timo

My checked-pattern favorites are pants and skirts. I would usually go for tartan plaid (bigger checks), but I deeply fell in love with this pin-check-skirt a few weeks ago. I loove the first version where I styled it with a pair of bulky silver boots (for the “stare at me” days) I wore at the opening of the Vienna fashion week just a week ago. I also quite like the second version I wore in Paris on our girls-trip two weeks ago. The skirt appears totally different when paired with some comfy sneakers and this would definitely be my safe option for the “bad days”. Which one do you like more?



Checks Head to Toe by Sara

Modetrends Herbst 2018

My wardrobe is alredy filled with different versions of checks. However, somehow I’ve never before laid eyes on a piece with the tartan plaid pattern. Recently, however, I’ve discovered this pantsuit and just fell in love with it. Funny thing – I also never bought a pantsuit before either :D. Another funny thing – I’ve never worn checks from head to toe before :D. I tell you guys, this outfit was a total break-through for me. 

However, since the colors here are quite low-key, I feel really comfortable wearing the pantsuit. Imagine the classic tartan plaid red and green pattern 😀 Well, that would be a total eyecatcher here in Vienna and too much for me, honestly :D.


The Cosmopolitas
The Cosmopolitas

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  1. September 18, 2018 / 2:08 pm

    Adore your fashion edits. Seriously need that red Zara skirt asap!! Love your photos so much per usual!

  2. September 25, 2018 / 2:23 pm

    Ich liebe beide Varianten. Das Problem mit dem Starren kenne ich in Wien 😀 Warum ist das so? Auf jeden Fall faszinierend.
    Liebe Grüße
    Dorie von

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