Puff coats: Somehow ugly, somehow nice

Puff Coats How to wear

Puff coats were, to be honest, never particularly pretty. Or stylish. They were invented to serve a purpose. To keep us warm in the winter. That’s it. No more to add. I remember having one back in the school days and I’ll never forget the discussions with my mother about it. Exactly the same problem every day: She wants me to wear it and I refuse to do so. “I would rather freeze” became my favorite phrase in our discussions. I still had to put it on though. Day after day. However, I never gave up on our daily discussions. It was like a ritual. 🙂

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Were puff coats invented by robots?

There is something about wearing puff coats that seriously makes me feel a bit like a robot, ha-ha. I assume it’s the size and sometimes the weight that just feel overwhelming on our body and limit the way we move. Or at least the way I move. I have this feeling that I automatically change into my robot-mode and walk a bit like one. It might be only my imagination though. 🙂

Anyway, like many other things, I started liking puff coats at some point. Last year, to be precise. I’m still not impressed with the way they look, but I did learn to appreciate the purpose they serve. I have to admit my mom was right all those years. They really keep toasty during the winter days. 🙂

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Puff Coats How to wear

2 different looks with my favorite puff coats

Look 1: Puffier than a puff coat, warmer than a heater

I’ve been told I look like a snowman in this one. I’ve been wearing it all the time the past few weeks in Vienna. It’s definitely the puffiest and warmest puff coat I’ve ever seen and worn. And I just feel kind of protected from the outside world when I wear it. It’s really like being safe in a soft shell. 🙂

Look 2: Happy colors puff coat

This one was my faithful companion in Vienna, as well as on my trip to Peru. It was perfect on most days, especially because its super light and draft proof. It kept me warm and stylish during my 1-month-travels in South America. And thanks to the colorfulness, I didn’t make it to get lost in the crowd very easily. 🙂



Ein Food- und reisesüchtiger Mensch, der sich auch mit 28 über kleine Dinge freuen kann: Eine Schoko-Mousse-Torte lässt jede Sorge zumindest kurz verschwinden. Allerdings nur dann, wenn die Schokolade dunkel ist.

Auf “The Cosmopolitas” schreibe ich gerne über alles, was so in meinem Kopf herumschwirrt: Über diverse Gedanken, Essen, Reisen, Mode, und, und, und…
|| Sonst bin ich…
…eine wissbegierige Persönlichkeit, eine Predigerin des lebenslangen Lernens und bald eine Matrosin.:)

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  1. January 7, 2019 / 9:11 pm

    Wow das nennt man Style. Die Jacke ist einfach die Bombe! Durch den Gürtel habe ich zuerst nicht gecheckt, dass eine Jacke ist. Dachte es wäre ein Kleid. Aber why not? Sehr interessant und überhaupt nicht langweilig.

    Liebe Grüße
    Alicja (http://www.miss-alice.net/de/)

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