Trends to watch out for this spring | 2019

Modetrends 2019: Was ist modern

In Vienna, we can officially announce the end of the winter season. A reason good enough to show you our guide with all the trends you should watch out for this spring. Due to the fact that we don’t like all of them, we decided to show you only the ones we really like and plan on wearing ourselves. Have a look and let us know if you have any favorites we left out.

1. Transparency

Maybe not everyones piece of cake, but definitely a trend to watch out for. There are so many transparent items we can include in our looks and some of our favorites are bags, shoes and coats.

  • Bag from Zara
  • Shoes from Zara
  • Colorful Coat from Diesel

2. Yellow

The Pantone Color Institute has presented us all the trend colors for 2019 and one of them is yellow. Two shades are to watch for:
1. “Lemon Verbena”, which is a light lemon yellow
2. “Aspen Gold” 

How to style yellow color?
  • Pantsuit from Zara
  • Bag from Zara
  • Sunnies from Ray-Ban

3. Polkadots

We loooove dots. We wrote about them last year already and we are beyond exited to wear all our new and old pieces this spring/summer. We love the way how this print adds a twist to our “grown-up” clothes. Out favorites are definitely dresses with different sized and colored dots.

Dots Trend Spring 2019
  • Dress from NA:KD
  • Shoes from Mihaela Glavan
  • Sunnies No-Name

4. Checks

We hear it every season and it’s  never going to be different: Checks are en vogue again. Checks are simply ageless,  and we keep wearing them, season for season. Our favorites: Pants and Jackets.

Checks trend 2019
  • Pantsuit from NA:KD
  • Shoes from Zara
  • Sunnies No-Name

5. Color-blocking

Color-blocking stands for pairing multiple colors don’t necessarily fit together to create bright and in-your-face outfits. Color-blocking outfits usually consist of 2 different colors and combining even more colors is for the brave ones. Our favorite combo: green against red.

Color blocking Trend 2019
  • Shoes from Diesel
  • Jeans from NA:KD
  • Belt from Diesel
  • Top from Bershka
  • Jacket from NA:KD
  • Bag from Pinko
  • Sunnies No-Name

6. Slingback Shoes

Slingsback shoes are originally characterized by a closed toe and an opened back that ends with a strap. You can find slingback shoes in varieties from tiny kitten heels to really high stilettos, sculptural and chunky heels – the range is wide! Our favorites: sweet kitten heels.

  • Shirt from Pull & Bear
  • Belt from Diesel
  • Jeans from Diesel
  • Shoes from Vigneron

7. Chunky Sneakers

You ask yourself if chunky sneakers are still “in fashion”? Our answer: MORE THAN EVER! They were big in 2018 and the trend is getting even hotter this year. If you made it to get yourself a pair last year, it’s  high time to bring it back into “use”.

How to style corduroy?
  • Jacket from Zara
  • Jeans from Zara
  • Shoes from Zara
  • Sunnies No-Name

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